Selibi-Phikwe murder suspect charged with rape

Selibi-Phikwe murder suspect charged with rape


A young man charged with a single count of unlawful carnal knowledge of a middle-aged lady in the copper mining village of Dukwi early this month has turned out to be a murder suspect.

When he was arraigned before court on Tuesday it turned out that Resetse Dipelaelo, 25 of Boiteko ward at Dukwi village has also been on the Phikwe police wanted list for a murder he allegedly committed in 2009.

The rape charges against him however stem from an attack of a middle aged woman of Dukwi early this month.

Allegations are that on July 4 2014, Dipelaelo dragged his victim to bush near the Dukwi Refugee Camp and then sexually assaulted before he disappeared into the bush for two weeks.

After two weeks of joint search between the police and members of the public he was finally arrested one Sunday afternoon, Matsapa told a the court.

The prosecutor pleaded with the court for the accused person to be remanded in custody describing the suspect as someone “slippery.”

He told the court that Dipelaelo is a flight risk for he is a wanted man for a number of offences.

Although Dipelaelo did not dispute that he was staying in the bush, he denied that he was running away from the law.

“I was staying in the bush gathering wild berries,” Dipelaelo told the presiding officer, sending the court gallery into peels of laughter.

Information gathered by this publication is that Dipelaelo murdered a drinking spot colleague in a beer brawl that erupted at a shebeen in 2009.

He was committed to the Francistown High Court for his trial in 2012 but he disappeared after released on bail.

“Since 2012, police in Selibi-Phikwe have been hunting for this man for an offence he commited while on bail for a threat to kill charge,” the prosecutor said.

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