Young Love recruitment drive

Young Love recruitment drive


Young 1ove; a new NGO on the Botswana scene is hosting a massive recruitment drive, fitting of a regional campaign they’re embarking on in the next few weeks.

The team needs a dedicated, passionate team of facilitators as well as surveyors.

Eight (8) facilitators whose main duties would be to go into schools and disseminate the Young 1ove one hour program are needed.

Encourage dialogue among participants, and also provide structure and processes for group work.

1ove is looking for individuals who’ve completed their ordinary levels (BGCSE, IGCSE), proficient in both Setswana and English, experience of and skill in participatory facilitation methods.

The team also requires services of 20 surveyors.

The surveyors would be responsible for facilitating the self-administered survey.

Their main duties are reviewing data, identifying some of the challenges encountered whilst collecting that data and compiling daily reports.

A minimum of a diploma in any field is the principal application criteria however experience in research would be an added advantage.

“Above all, we require ‘botho’to be a surveyor, as quality of data collection is integral to the success of the project.”

The individuals would be hired on a temporary basis for an initial 1-2 months but there is an opportunity for 6-months and 1-year follow-up surveys, as well as permanent take on into the organization depending on the performance during this period.

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