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Peter Gaetsewe will starting deejaying tonight until early Sunday morning to celebrate his birthday party at Lizard Entertainment.

Code named Bunzonic Birthday 3rd Star Bash is aimed at celebrating the DJ’s life and career.

DJ Bunz, as he is popularly known in the music circles has decided to celebrate his 30something birthday party with his fans that have supported him for such a long time.

Gaetsewe will stage a warm up party at Bonanza shopping mall in Donga location during the day and later into the night at Lizard.

Beer promotion will be at the club where loads of giveaways are expected to be splashed.

DJs in Francistown in the likes of DJ MR-CUE (Puso Mosa), DJ Da Drat (Ndaba Ncube), DJ Slim (Brian Monamati), DJ K.U.D (Kuda Molebeledi) and many more will join the party.

On Saturday afternoon, Gaetsewe and his friends will host a Mura After-Party session at Block 4 location in Francistown.

“This is just to say thank uuu much much (sic) to my fans,” wrote DJ Bunz on his facebook page.


Pushed by the love of Setswana and his unmatched desire to communicate with his fans, emerging Motswako rapper Glen Lekula has just released a single.

Popularly known as C-RU in the rap industry, Lekula released a single entitled Better knock hard.

The 30-year-old motswakolista in the mould of HT Tautona (Kelebogile Mabua) is a musician who wants to talk to his fans.

As much as he sings, he wants to knock some sense into the heads of his listeners at all times.

It is against this backdrop that he sings in Setswana in order to remind some of his peers about the realities of life.

A Mechanical Engineer with Tati Nickel Mining Company (TNMC), C-RU is a man on a mission.

“Times are tough. And it is hard for many of us to get that breakthrough.

Some have resorted to criminal activities in a bid to make ends meet,” he said.

However, he is coming out blazing in a bid to educate the youths about the dangers of being involved in criminal activities.

As much as he admits that employment opportunities are limited in Francistown and Botswana in general, C-RU is of the belief that the youths are not knocking hard to make a breakthrough.

He is expected to release a six-track album on August 23. The album will be entitled The Jury.


It was spectacular. And it was entertainment galore for drama and theatre lovers during the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) drama competitions held recently at the Tonota College of Education (TCE) hall.

It is unfortunate that the entertainment industry in Botswana is so small so that people have got no choice but to subscribe and bellow for talent in the neighboring South Africa.

Given an opportunity, local talent is really lekker.

Anybody who attended the drama competitions at TCE will bear testimony. Ours is raw talent.

While in other countries, actors and actresses go for studies at universities and colleges to study drama as fine arts.

But in Botswana, the talent does not need to be panel beaten. It is sheer talent par excellence.

Tears streaming down the cheeks as performers staged some of the spine chilling incidences that happen in life.

The drama competitions are aimed at encouraging tertiary students to abstain from sex before marriage, bring out some shocking realities that make people cry.



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