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  1. lekgoa la modimo gale bolo go lla kago hloka transport ke tsaya kere sello sagwe se arabesigile, mo ke gone mogotwen “Ngwana osa lleng o swela tharing” o dirile pila a ikuela kago hloka koloi nkabo a ntse a sokola waits

  2. cheerful 2014/07/07

    following Butler’s complaints about Botswana Football Association’s failure to honour some contractual agreements.?????// in other words they took their sweet time to honor the agreement?????

  3. Blessed of the Lord 2014/07/08

    Thanks a lot to Barloworld

  4. letimone 2014/07/08

    Its high time, the zebras must mix races like white,chinese,coloured & whoever, u go to France there is POGBA, Italy its BALLOTELI, Holland its left back, Brazil central defence is black,Germany its Boateng and these countries do well all times.

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