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YOUNG TURK: Poloko Pitwane

YOUNG TURK: Poloko Pitwane

He took the Minister of Education and Development head on and mobilised all tertiary institutions to boycott classes for what he believed was a mistreatment of students by the government.

He is trying his luck in Gaborone Bonnington North as an Independent Parliamentary candidate.(mokoko)

He is Poloko Pitwane. In this face to face interview he talks openly about his candidature and the challenges he faces as a young man in politics.

Q. Little is known about you please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am Poloko Pitwane. I am a 22 year- old young man from Ghanzi.

My parents stay in Block 7 here in Gaborone Bonnington North.

Q. What attracted you to partisan politics?

For the record let me state that I am running for a parliamentary seat as an Independent candidate in Gaborone Bonnington North.

I have also registered a movement to be named Youth Needs a Voice.

To answer your question, I joined politics to lead the youth of this country. We the Youth need to have our own voice.

Q. So you are likely to contest these elections as either an independent candidate or representing a party?

The truth is I will cross the bridge when I get there.

But I am ready for either way. If our party is registered within time before the October general elections, we will use it in the absence of such we shall field our candidates as independents.

Q. You keep on saying we. Who are you referring to as we?

I have a team of six councilors in the constituency running as independent candidates.

We are all from various tertiary institutions and we are ready to take the war to the mighty big guns in the political arena.

Together we registered our movement so that in the next elections we can contest elections as a party. We are all under the age of 30 years.

Q. What drives you to want to represent the youth?

The ill-treatment of the youth by this government, especially at tertiary schools, by the minister of Education and her president drove me to join politics.

This current regime does not like dissenting voices from the students.

We have mobilised tertiary students in large numbers who have registered to vote for me and my team.

Q. Politics is a game of numbers do you have them?

We have at least 40 000 young people in this constituency. 21 000 of them are in tertiary institutions.

Independent Electoral Commission says 15 000 people registered for the elections.

We are saying at least 4 300 students did register to vote for me. I have confirmed that with the student data base through my Information Technology team.

We are going to lure more members as the election fever intensifies.

Q. You sound certain of a victory.

I am positive that I will make it come October.

Q. You are competing against seasoned politicians who have the financial muscle to tilt the scales in their favour. How do you fancy your chances?

I have no money. I know I am competing with Lawyers and a millionaire but that does not scare me.

Masitara is being rejected by the same BDP that he claims to love.

The Khama family disdain him because he speaks the truth that this country is run by corrupt people.

He is being de-campaigned by his party members.

Duma Boko is a failure, he does not know where he is going, whilst Anna Motlhagodi is a reject.

The people have spoken thrice that they do not want her to represent them.

She should just continue to practice as a lawyer. Money does not vote but people do.

Q. On the ground, you are not visible why?

We are very much visible on the ground.

We haven’t seen our opponents on the ground.

Where ever we go we move in a group of 20 people so that we are visible.

In September that is when we will start addressing rallies.

We don’t want a situation like Chillyboy Rakgare of Botswana Congress Party (BCP)

who attracts only 7 people to his rally. We are not clowns we are serious about our readiness for change.

Q. How different are you from Chillyboy?

We are different in the sense that we take ourselves seriously.

Should we call a rally we shall mobilize a large number of people to attend.

Not like him. We know what it means to mobilize people we have done it before and we can do it better than anybody else.

Q. What do people tell you when you are campaigning?

People are fed up with this old party and its dirty tactics of ruling. People are interested in fresh ideas. We are the alternative.

Q. What are you going to do differently from it?

I will not be in government. It will be difficult for me to implement a drastic change. Whatever impact I will do will be visible.

For instance, I am opposed to the issue of Foreign Direct Investment to this country. What are foreigners bringing to this country?

They are here to loot and go. Take Limkokwing for instance who owns it and who benefits from it?

Q. The fact that you are optimistic of a victory isn’t that far fetched, a dream maybe?

A fallacy is the UDC and BCP. They are breathing their last breath. BMD has swallowed BNF under the pretext of UDC. After elections they won’t be any BNF.

Q. Money makes the world go round. Do you have that money to spin the world in your favour?

People need to see a glimpse of leadership not flashy billboards of people. I know I don’t have money so I will have to work an extra mile.

I will seize the opportunity that will be availed by the different stations for political debates to attract more people on my side.

Those old chaps I will beat them hands down no doubt about it.

Q. If you lose what will happen to you?

I will go back to school. I was expelled from Limkokwing University for being a true leader.

At the moment I don’t think any institution will accept me in their school whilst I stand for elections.





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  1. Gongwe o ka tla wa siza nf2

  2. bang bang 2014/07/10

    Monna wee.dingwaga dia tsamaya boela sekolong. Osantse ole kgwa mashi.at the moment your future is your education. legone you must be solid headed to have been admited kobo limkomkwin.

  3. Rammoni 2014/07/14

    Good goin comrade.wl be by ur syd no matter wht.ppl shud know dat u aint livin a simpl lyf bt lyf wth principls

  4. Boela sekolong mmotana,balekane ba gago baa ithuta wena o diiwa kego roga bagolo…

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