Bakgatla Kgosikgolo Kgafela Kgafela II’s chieftaincy ambitions in South Africa are in the melting pot after North West High Court President Monica Leeuw reserved judgment in a case in which he seeks to be recognized as the Kgosikgolo of Moruleng.

After presiding over lengthy legal arguments, Leeuw told the court that she needed time to make a ruling over the legitimacy of the claim.

In addition to recognition as the rightful Kgosikgolo in Moruleng, Kgafela also wants to have the power to appoint at least 60% of the traditional council.

If granted his wish, Kgafela will expel or force the tribe’s current leader, Kgosi Nyalala Pilane to resign immediately and pave way for his preferred choice being Kgosi Mpule Pheto.

HEAVY ESCORT: Kgafela (Centre) with bodygards

HEAVY ESCORT: Kgafela (Centre) with bodygards

The Court President during the proceedings asked if Kgafela was given a mandate by the 300 000 Bakgatla tribe both in Botswana and South Africa to represent them.

His advocate who is instructed by Maponya attorneys was at pains to explain that all Bakgatla want Kgafela to be the Kgosikgolo in Moruleng.

He said he was under the impression that Bakgatla had had several meetings to agree on Kgafela claim to the title since he is the rightful heir.

The advocate explained that Kgafela wants his recognition to be legitimized by the court of law.

He also said his client does not seek to be the Kgosi of Moruleng but rather the senior tribal authority or Kgosikgolo.

His argument is that in Setswana tradition Kgafela is recognized as a Kgosikgolo both in Botswana and South Africa like his predecessors.

Although responding advocates from the Premier’s office and Nyalala tried to tell the court that there is no provision both in the Botswana and South African constitutions that recognizes the title Kgosikgolo, the court President advised them that a precedent has been set before the court.

She further quashed suggestions by responding advocates that Kgafela is a fugitive from the justice system in Botswana and has ceased to be recognised.

“I cannot rely on the information from Botswana. I will make my own ruling,” Leeuw told the court.

Although the advocate representing the Office of the Premier stated that Kgafela II should be called Kgosikgolo as a status symbol, they advised that he should know that the laws of South Africa did not have a provision for such a title.

He said in South Africa only three titles are recognized for the tribal leadership, that is King/ queen, Kgosi/ Kgosigadi (Chief), and Kgosana (Headman) in that order.

The advocate further argued that Kgafela II’s demands are inadmissible since he was not even offered a certificate of Chieftaincy by the North West Premier.

“I respect Kgosikgolo Kgafela II, but he must know that you cannot be a cross boarder Kgosi as there is no provision for that legally.

If he wants to be a Kgosi he should follow the laws of this country,” he said.
In a brief address to his supporters, who had filled the court to capacity, Kgafela assured them of victory.

He said: “I am not worried about the colourful language that is used in the court.

I have confidence that eventually the court will rule in our favour.

It is a process that we have to follow.”

From outside court it was evident that Kgafela still commands high respect from his subjects.

Six heavily built bodyguards escorted him to a waiting, chauffeur driven silver BMW X5.

This Sunday scores of Bakgatla are expected to converge in Lesetlheng in Moruleng for a de-briefing and to map the way forward as they await the outcome of the court.





  1. Tsotsi Wee 2014/07/05

    i like ths guy.true royalty.he’s one of th few who havent mortgaged their minds to keepin up appearances aka political correctness.

  2. Chris M 2014/07/05

    Kgafela is making serious enemies at every turn. Wonder how this will end. Hope not tragically.

  3. Mokgatla o bua pila ge are he is kgosi-kgolo both Botswana & South Africa, santse go ntse tjalong gotsweng bogologolong ke gore hela Nyalala Pilane o batla o tshaba ka bogosi ga batle gore a buse a bapile le Kgosi-Kgolo

  4. ao! bathung nna ke ttatilwe ke Kgabo. ha a leng teng go tsoga modumo. o dule mo Botswana ka modumo. o goroga ko moruleng ka modumo.kgabo, gone go ka nna jang ha o ka tsamaya ka kagiso ha o tsamayang teng. kana le gone is like o tsetswe o le nosi. sengwe le sengwe sa ga komzaza o se dira sa gago. ke bo gagapa mo o go dirang. kene ke go tlotla jaanong ke go tsaya fela jaaka mongwe le mongwe. ka ditiro tsa gago. go lebega o sa itlotle.

  5. BuddiCall 2014/07/10

    Dilo di senyegile fa magosi a rona a dirwa malata, le ese mang wa Minister a kgona go bolelela kgosi gore “ke nama ke go seegela fa thoko”! Ba setse ba tshela ka salary, e setse e nna batlhoki, e le ka puso e re e gatlhameditsweng ke makgwiwa (ke lewate).

    Kgabo o botsolosa tsamaiso e, ke mo ema nokeng. Ke tlhabisiwa ditlhong ke gore magosi a rona a bo a ne a sa ntsha lentswe fa Kgabo a botsolosa tsamaiso e, ba ingwabaile o kare ke malata…

  6. bakhabakha 2014/07/15

    kor kgafela o nyetse didiba ko botswana a siela gotla go tsosa modumo kwano simply because o rata godira se seratiwang ke pelo ya gagwe? sis maan, mo ke mzazi creating enemies at every turn can be deadly ke raa hela.

    mosimanyana yo ai cheke.

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