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NAMED: Keabetswe Motlhabi

NAMED: Keabetswe Motlhabi

SA woman sues local girl in R1million marriage wrecking case
A distraught South African woman has taken out a R1 million lawsuit against a young local lady for wrecking her 10-year-marriage. Barely holding back tears Faith Gloria Archery (42)said her marriage to husband Andrew, the father of her two children, has broken down irretrievably after the young woman came onto the scene.
She has named Keabetswe Motlhabi in the case that is currently being held at a High Court in Pietermaritzburg. Relating her story to The Voice, Archery said her troubles began when her husband found a job in Botswana as a Site Manager at a Gaborone based building company.

“I was excited for him and never once did I think he would abandon us.”  Andrew, a Durban native settled in Gaborone and would from time to time check on his family back in Pietermaritzburg. But the Gabz City bug finally bit, and Andrew’s trips to check on his family became few and far between.
“I subconsciously knew that something was wrong. I knew it was not going to be easy, but I didn’t expect our 10 year marriage to crumble at the first test,” Archery said. She added that she had known Andrew for 10 years before they got married.

“This is a man I have known for 20 years, and he is willing to throw all of that away for a young girl who is only after his money.” The concerned woman decided to pay her husband a visit in Botswana, saying that what she found when she got there shocked her to the bone.
“I found used condoms, and female garments in the house.” “He is staying with our 13-year-old son and I wonder how he survives in that house. It was only for the sake of my kids that I kept this to myself for so long, but I can’t take it anymore,” said Archery.
Faced with the realization that her husband was cheating, she set out to find who the girl was. “Somehow I managed to get her number and I confronted her. She told me to shut the f**k up,and brazenly told me that I will never see my husband again, adding that I was old and unattractive.”

SUING: Faith Archery

SUING: Faith Archery

Archery told The Voice that it was not the insults from the mistress that bothered her, but the fact that her husband did not show any remorse. “He threatened to leave me and even updated his Facebook status to ‘In a relationship.’ He took this girl for a holiday in Durban and pictures were uploaded on the girl’s FB account,” she said.
“How dare he bring this girl to Durban, to be seen by our friends and family.” Andrew’s 19-year-old daughter also picked up the “In a relationship” facebookstatus and confronted her father. “His response to our daughter was to stop paying her university fees. She was suspended for financial reasons.

“Who does that to their own daughter? He earns more than P20 000, but is failing to provide for his family while he is painting the town red. “I’m fed up and I’m suing him and his mistress. The case is being heard at the High Court in Pietermaritzburg.”
Reached for comment Motlhabi denied any knowledge of Andrew. This is despite pictorial proof of her posing with Andrew’s best man who owns a lodge in Durban. “I don’t know what you are talking about. I only go to Durban because I’m a business person. I sell clothes. “I can’t remember which lodge I slept at. Are you seriously doing a story?” she asked.
In one of Motlhabi’sfacebook pictures, Andrew is seen posing with Motlhabi’s sister with a caption ‘Ba lwapa la me’ (my family). Efforts to get a comment from Andrew were futile. At the time of going to print he was said to be in Namibia and his phone rang unanswered and eventually went off-air.

Keabetswe Motlhabi

Keabetswe Motlhabi

19 Responses to “YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS”

  1. Chris M 2014/06/30

    Ke bao Batswana! Their sordid and shameless behavior is now crossing borders! Even in the face of overwhelming evidence they lie out of their teeth! Morality in this country died a long time ago and people don’t care who they hurt! I wonder what this girl thinks now for being known for destroying a family!

  2. blame this on BDP-Opposition.

  3. cheerful 2014/07/01

    Put your chin up Faith hope the law will make him pay for your daughter to go back to University

  4. picasso 2014/07/02

    gamola parasite e o my sister,how can she destroy a family a ba a ikgatlha.she’s playing,o santse a tla lela jaaka piano.

  5. flame 2014/07/02

    Motlhabi ke dilo di sele fela, Le bo Slizer, they r destroying other peoples families and shamelessly.

  6. To you Faith; If you have not been recognising God as your maker and the one True Supreme being who has got power over all; this is your TIME to do so. There is no one else who can rescue ur marriage from this crisis except Him. Its your TIME to run into His mighty hands and find strength and wisdom of how to face this and overcome. At times like these human beings make the great mistake of relying upon their little strength that eventually fail us.Monna a itshwere ka le I4 jaana, oile, ga okake wa tlhola o more sepe!! sad but its true, if you try to get Him at your power and strength.

    Most critical and hard times we pass through in our physical lives, have already been orchestrated spiritually and placed on our paths before manifesting physically by the human race-Enemy number 1- Satan . That is Why; If you want to overcome; Fight It from the Spiritual; If you engage on the battle from the Physical, you are wasting you time and energy- Its a defeated battle you are fighting.

    Le 14 fale riana le lone fa gongwe le abo le itse the power she is relying upon, this man could already be under a spell. Otla seke a utlwe le fa ele 1 word you Utter, my dear Faith.

    Number 1 Step- To Winning this Battle-

    Is to go onto Your knees, ask For guidance and Help from God. Make up your Mind to seek God NOW; And; (Guaranteed) When You Find Him, You will also Find and Get back you Marriage.

  7. CUDDLESOME 2014/07/02

    Mxxm! Gatwe old and attractive? Ele gore ene tsa gagwe di eme golo gole gongwefela? Rubbish!

  8. cheerful 2014/07/02

    “She told me to shut the f**k up,and brazenly told me that I will never see my husband again, adding that I was old and unattractive.””
    Goodness Gracious Faith you are more attractive than the arrogant loud mouthed forward vain person who said this to you.
    How arrogant Keabetswe is to tell you that you are old – the article does not mention how old Keabetswe is. Someone should tell Keabetswe that one day she will be old. Hope one day when she is old someone will attack her and say she is old

  9. cheerful 2014/07/02

    if morality has died something urgently needs to be done in society about it goodness gracious

  10. cheerful 2014/07/02

    and anyway beauty is in the heart it just shows what a heartless person Keabetswe is to yell at your like this

  11. cheerful 2014/07/02

    Andrew must take care of the children. would not be surprised if this person Keabetswe cheats on him one day

  12. Chilly Baba 2014/07/03

    Waitse mo gongwe ke matlhabisa ditlhong ogo duele alese gogo bolelela bosadi bogolo jwa gago asia ka monna wa gago leyone thata busted ya monna o e devorce ga obona ba riana o ithellisa wagogo tlela malwetsi Ga ago duele alese gogo kgakgafalela

  13. cheerful 2014/07/03

    next thing will probably be created is a ministry to deal with all this homewreckers and golddiggers goodness gracious

  14. cheerful 2014/07/03

    “brazenly told me that I will never see my husband again,”

    Faith this foul mouthed person (not good enough to be called a woman) has the audactity to tell you that you will never see your husband again

  15. cheerful 2014/07/03

    Andrew is probably too ashamed to respond to his phone calls
    When your money runs out Keabetswe will dump you

  16. cheerful 2014/07/03

    Reached for comment Motlhabi denied any knowledge of Andrew
    this foul mouthed person thinks she is too clever to cover up her tracks with her lies and too big for her boots. your lies are not going to get you far. would not surprise me if she is already lying to Andrew

  17. cheerful 2014/07/04

    Andrew you should be ashamed of yourself stopping payment of the fees for your daughters education

    would be interesting who proposed first to who -was it the foul mouthed Keabetswe making advances to Andrew or Andrew making advances to Keabetswe Faith will know the truth through the courts

  18. bakhabakha 2014/07/15

    yah neh , gopadile.

  19. Keabetswe you are not even attractive, and the words that you say Andrew should be careful about you….

    Faith marriage is supposed to be a forever thing, kneel down and ask our Father above for his mercies. HE never dissapoints, tell Him what you want and never give up until you get exactly that!! HE is always looking after us and he cant be happy with what is going on!!

    As for Andrew what goes around comes around, i wonder what this Keabetswe will do with you when you get old with no money…

    This is how HIV is spread…

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