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Fulltaps and Team Scoot got a short in the arm this week ahead of their participation at this year’s Toyota Kalahari 1000 Desert Race from Brand Botswana.

This was in addition to sponsorship already provided by Botswana National Sports Council and Wayguard Security.

According to Brand Botswana Executive Director Esther Norris; following the successfully hosted 2nd African Youth Games, they recognize the growth of local sport and have taken the opportunity to encourage the sporting talent in the country.

She said they believe that talent should be nurtured and supported at an early stage rather than wait for someone to be a star.

“The P154 550 sponsorship will include tyres, maintenance, fuel, registration, refreshment and preparation for the competition.

This sponsorship is a celebration of Botswana’s impressive record in hosting this premier event that has contributed greatly to our tourism sector and overall international image”, she said.

Norris further appreciated that getting behind the wheel is no small feat and have the outmost respect for the drivers for being brave.

SHOW OFF: Fulltaps member warning his ride for the race

SHOW OFF: Fulltaps member warning his ride for the race

She encouraged younger Batswana to uptake, appreciate and participate in the sport because they want to produce local champions who can win the Desert race and compete even at a global event such as the Dakar Rally.

The Brand Botswana Executive Director noted that they have identified motorsport racing as a sport that can propel nation branding, as it is one of the most innovative, fastest developing, prestigious and exclusive sport in the world.

“Our involvement with team Botswana is that we want to support local racers so that the gap between the development of motor racing and the quality of local riders and the uptake does not widen.

We are delighted to be part of this event because it will highlight Botswana as a place to visit, live and invest”, she reiterated.

Fulltaps spokesperson Moses Kaisara thanked Brand Botswana for showing interest in their sport.

He said grassroots development was the way to go as it shows sports commitment as compared to glory when one has done well.

“This is the first time we get assisted by an organization to participate at the race.

We could appreciate it even more if more companies could come on board and support other Batswana out there”, Kaisara pleaded.

From Team Scoot Mogrey ‘Boyce’ Mabile breathed a sigh of relief from the burden that has been on his parents for many years when he participated in the race.

He revealed that motor sport is very expensive but still believes with help from other organizations like Brand Botswana they could see over 10 Batswana participating in the race.

Mabile further promised to go out into an unfamiliar terrain and make the country proud come Saturday.

The motorsport racing industry is known to be a renowned and innovative sporting code worldwide and Botswana has demonstrated its ability to hold prestigious event that rivals the famous Dakar Rally.

The support provided by Brand Botswana gives extra boost to local drivers who are already far in their strides to stand amongst some of the greatest drivers international.




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