courtHendry Phale (24) a muscle man at La gondola night club at Satellite shopping complex in Francistown, is alleged to have raped his 21 year old date after buying her three bottles of Hunters Gold.

Giving evidence in court, the complaint said she had spent the afternoon drinking with the accused (known as Katso to her) and his friend, from one bar in Selepa before proceeding to satellite shopping complex.

Although the two smooched several times as they walked to Satellite, the complaint never agreed to have sexual intercourse.

“I treated him like any other person. I was not having any relationship with him. He is nothing to me.

Kissing someone is nothing. It is not something big or that can lead someone to harass and abuse me like he did”, said the 21 year old lass.

All hell broke loose when the accused asked the complainant to accompany him to his house.

“When we got to his yard I stood by the road and told him that I wanted to go home.  He walked a couple of steps into the yard, before he ordered his friend to bring me into the yard”, said the complainant.

“Katso told his friend I was kidding and fooling around with him. Before pulling me into the yard. When I refused, he hit a glass bottle against the wall of an unfinished house and pushed me into the yard”, said the sobbing complainant.

The young lady denied ever agreeing to have sexual intercourse with the accused.

“When I refused to undress and lay down on the mattress, Katso slapped me across the face several times.
Smashing bottles against the wall, telling me to stop screaming and crying,” she said.

Although she tried to escape when the accused had gone to fetch condoms the complainant finally gave in out of desperation.

“I had run out of the room, down the street half naked. Knocked on the door of one of the houses nearby, but no one came to my rescue.

Until the accused and his friend dragged me back to his house”, testified the lady in between tears.

“I had never done any of those things that Katso was doing to me. I was a virgin. Even with my boyfriend I had not slept with him’, she continued.

She said even if the accused had bought her beer, he was not justified to sleep with her.

“Do you think three bottles of beer are worth you having sex with me”, questioned the lady.







  1. dickslot 2014/07/01

    kante ene o ne a dumella eng goya ko lapeng

  2. flame 2014/07/02

    Kante ene ke eng a tshameka ka ditshuno? A re kissing is nothing. Mo go wena e seng mo majiteng. O seka wa tlhola o tshameka ka ditshuno.

  3. dazz 2014/07/03

    Ka o na le boyfriend, o dira eng ka bouncer? O tshameka ka dilo tse di sa tshamekeng, ditshuno!!? Banyana ba mohuta wa gago ba rekwa ka dibiri. Ebile tse tharo di dintsi. Ha di le pedi hela di siame tse tharo ke lenyalo. A ga o e itse pina ya teng?

  4. Chilly Baba 2014/07/03

    Ga oswabe on le mosimane otsa maya o suna babangwe ke one maduo nna kagore lare le ikantse molao ene o dirile sa dibiri tse tharo le wena wa tura biri tse tharo. Le tsaya madi a bana ba batho for granted Monna ga a fele Mosadi ga fele.

  5. mastsek 2014/07/04

    waitseeee! Ga a kgotsohatswe ke boyfriend yaage neh?? Ke mathata..

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