The recalled Botswana Democratic Party candidate for Tlokweng Constituency Elijah Katse on Monday boycotted the meeting where the party members were briefed on the decision taken by the leadership to recall Katse and the three council candidates

Chaos erupted at the meeting when the regional committee submitted a report from the central committee.

The BDP leadership has recalled Katse for misconduct during the primary elections and has since replaced him with incumbent MP and Assistant Minister of Local Government and rural Development; Olebile Gaborone.

Katse who was expected to attend the meeting was no where to be seen. Gaborone attended the meeting which has since divided the party in the constituency.

When reached for comment Katse said his absence from the meeting was not anything personal.

“The meeting was called through a public announcement.

So every member of the BDP was entitled to attend it is not like I was going to be in the agenda.

It was just a general membership meeting where members were to be briefed about the decision taken.

I was not able to attend just like any BDP member who couldn’t attend”, he said.

Those close to Katse revealed that he strategically avoided the meeting as he knew that there is a likelihood of the meeting getting out of hand.

“He knew it might get ugly that is why he did not attend. People are angry in the constituency because the party is imposing people on them,” said the source.

Those who supported Katse during the primaries stormed out of the meeting expressing unhappiness about the decision by the leadership.

They dismissed the arguments raised by the party leadership for recalling Katse and the three council candidates.

They further threatened not to support Gaborone who defected from the Botswana National Front where he served as the vice president.

It was argued at the meeting that the central committee is not clear on what charges are laid against the four members.
The Branch Chairperson, Jane Bogatsu declined to comment on the matter saying it is an internal issue.

South East North regional Chairperson Montwedi Mokotedi could not be reached for comment.



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