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As of August 2014, Gaborone, Botswana will have Gaborone International Music and Culture Week.

This would be a week of festivities that would be held in Gaborone ranging from choral music show, poetry, comedy, culture night, jazz, artists workshop, international music show, fashion, charity donation and many other relevant activities.

This event would be staged annually every end of August. It is a platform that will give Batswana artists from abroad spectrum to showcase their abilities.

The event would be managed by Leapfrog under the them ‘Celebrate diversity, celebrate Magheba’


They are famous for their comical dance moves and attire but ‘mosakaso’ group Makau are committed to their music careers than most people think.

With two albums under their belt, Makau are already working on a third album which they believe make people to stop and take notice.
The group would drop the single ‘Dikoloto’ this July.

They say the song talks about real life issues and personal experiences. “It is not your usual Makau sound, it has a bit of R & B and dancehall,” said one of the group members.
They say after four years in the industry they are now confident enough to experiment with other genres.

Two of the best local producers Dr Tawanda and Tshepo Lesole worked on the song.


It is always refreshing to listen to a local song sung in other languages other than Setswana and English.

Kaybee’s album titled ‘Wuparo’ (life) is sung in Sembukushu and it is one of the best contemporary gospel albums I have ever listened to.

The nine track album has songs like Rudo Rwakhe, Lorato, Muye, Teng sefapaano, Salvation prayer and I belong to you.

Gifted with smooth voice, Kaybee takes you through a spiritual journey, evoking all sorts of emotions.

It is a wonderful production, a good addition to any music lover’s library.

The albumgets 8 out of 10.


He tells no lies or simply hates people who lie. Gee 4 da blast’s nine track album is a bit of everything.

Afro pop, motswako and hip hop, this album has got it.

Featured artist include A.T.I on the track Looking for a lady, Zory Boys on Tell no lies and Proo on Come closer remix.

It is another album that showcases the abundance of talent in the country.

Some of the less known names in music circles continue claim their stake and are giving veterans a run for their money.

‘Tell no lies’ is a feel good album to be played any time of the day. It gets 7 out of 10.


Thapong Visual Arts would host a fashion fun day this Saturday morning.

The event starts at 9 and until five in the afternoon. Some of the activities on the day would include aerobathan.

Participants would have a chance to work out with models and stand a chance to win a fashion package worth P2000.

Registration for participation is P20.

There would also be an open market where revelers can buy clothes, accessories, shoes and food.

Amongst other you can book yourself a professional photography session, and walk away with a DVD of great photographs, by Gabs finest photographers for P50per 10 minutes.

Designers wear would also be auctioned. Entrance is P30.




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