BUSTED: Shathani Charles

BUSTED: Shathani Charles

Two soldiers based at the Maun Botswana Defence Force Barracks are being investigated for kidnapping and gang raping a Senior Police Officer’s daughter.

The two 26-year-old army men, Private Shathani Charles from Masunga and Lance Corporal Teedzani Chaba from Mosetse village, allegedly kidnapped the young woman from her house and raped her at the barracks on Saturday night.

A confidential police report that was leaked to The Voice has indicated that he two men visited the 23-year-old woman at her house in Boseja ward in Maun where they lured her to their car.

The report further states that as soon as the victim, who is an ex-girlfriend to Charles joined them, they drove off to Chaba’s room at the BDF camp.

On arrival Chaba got into the blankets while Charles forcefully undressed her.

BUSTED: Teedzani Chaba

BUSTED: Teedzani Chaba

“She tried to resist but he threw her on top of the bed before raping her in the presence of his friend,” read the report, which stated that after Charles finished raping her three times, Chaba raped the same woman twice more.

The two are said to have fallen asleep giving the victim a chance to escape and report the matter to the police who simply went to arrest the men where the woman had left them sleeping.

A source close to the accused men has disclosed that Charles was once in love with the woman but they broke up after he had a child with another woman.

Confirming the incident District No.5 Officer Commanding Senior Superintendent Chabaesele Kesupetswe said investigations were continuing.

He however declined to give out details saying the matter was ‘sensitive.’




  1. phomphoko 2014/06/23

    ngwananyana yoo ne a dumalane le ths guys agona ka rape ya sepe, this young girls like gore ba rapilwe yet ne ba dumetse.

  2. tboy 2014/06/23

    verbal agreement is not reliable…

  3. begga 2014/06/23

    Kgang tse dingwe di thaata

  4. dicks dee 2014/06/23

    ke banna ba itse molao,a kere ba odirisa evryday,let them taste theire own medicine.after charles finishes raping her three times chaba,raped the same woman twice more.boskwata le itentse thapo molaleng.moipolai ga a lelelwe.ijo!!!!!!!

  5. enocko 2014/06/23

    Banyana ba tsile go re bontsha dust,she is lying nne go dumalwane,o ba tlwaeditse go ba fa stream line.

  6. Tumitumi 2014/06/23

    Ao batho le fa gotwe go dumelana, two people ka nako e le nngwe, its to close to impossible, the truth will set them free otherwise the courts will…………..

  7. letimone 2014/06/24

    Nnyaa one a dumetse gore ba mo nyobe jaanong o bata madi

  8. diferekeke 2014/06/24

    Life is hard…very difficult you loose the case, you loose your jobs..who agrees to hire rapists after…chances of leaving prison healthy are very slim…two brains were supposed to yield a good result…hard luck boys..

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