Rail Park Mall this week officially announced The Facelift project whose aim is to retain customer loyalty and provide customers with a more exciting shopping experience.

In a period where brand experience extends further than the product quality and is now also dependent on a brand’s agility, the goal of the Facelift Project is to ensure it is relevant within the market and offer clients a unique shopping experience.

This new centre will bring in popular shops, such as Edgars and bring in changes to current shops.

“These moves will see the mall increase more valuable foot traffic as we attract more customers who are outside traditional Rail Park shoppers.

As management we constantly try and look for value as you have experienced. This is just the beginning.

Puma Energy and Botswana Post/Saving Bank will also be coming through changing our landscape and appeal.

The Facelift will end in a short while but the benefits will echo for the longest time”, explains Khumo Properties Chief Executive Office, Outule Bale.

Rail Park Mall was born amidst a culture of transformation when Botswana Railways took it upon themselves to change the face of the Gaborone station and Bus Rank and provide more diverse business opportunities for Batswana.

That idea has now developed into one of the largest commercial centres in the country, boasting a growing tenant base of over 100 and an average foot traffic of 800 000 people a month.

The centre is already well known for hosting popular events such as the finale of the beMOBILE Mega Million Car Promotion and the Sky Girls launch.

The mall has also held its very own events such as the recent Mommies’ Day Cook Off and the comedy nights.

The Facelift Project will allow more events of such calibre and provide the city with a variety of entertainment options.

The renovations are projected to end in November 2014 and the Rail Park journey will continue from then, as it moves with the local trends and dynamics.




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