CartoonRecently when attending a funeral service in Mochudi, The Voice cartoonist Lesole Ntshole had a chance to listen as some men, who had taken refuge from the biting cold weather to warm themselves up around the fire, talked about life and money.

BLACK JACKET: In my life, I’d rather prefer to have cattle than money as money is the root of all evil.

KHAKHI COAT: Having money is okay. It is just because people are the ones who do evil things.

BLACK JACKET: I wish you could just listen to what I am trying to say than rushing into interrupting me before I finish my side of story.

 KHAKHI COAT: I’m not trying to interrupt you. Okay, you can continue with the side of your story.

BLACK JACKET: What I’m trying to say is that people who have money don’t end up anywhere in life. I know many people who inherited money from their parents. As I speak today, they are poor. They have not done anything with the money.

BLUE JACKET: I do agree with you. Rearing cattle is a way to go in life. Money is not our thing. It is something that came with from the West. Our great grandparents were able to survive with cattle long before money came here.

KHAKHI COAT: I don’t agree with you. Sometimes it depends on who you are. As people, we differ.

There are also people who had inherited cattle but they are poor as well after they failed to manage them well, and there are those who succeeded in managing them well.

It is the same about money. Learning to manage money or cattle is all about the type of one’s character.

BLACK JACKET: There might be people, who succeeded in spending their money wisely, but they are few.

When we speak about spending money, I have observed that 99% of Batswana do not know how to spend money wisely.

BLUE JACKET: Even if someone can give you a one million pula today, you will not be able to spend it wisely.

This is sometimes caused by the fact that when we see money, we always get carried away easily and use money on unimportant things without first thinking or planning what we are going to do.

BLACK JACKET:  Some few people who succeeded in managing their money or cattle are those taught by their parents at an early age.

If you are the type of a man who has only lived in a city and shunned cattle post life, your chances of success in life are very slim.

BLUE JACKET: You are right. If you have never grown where there was money, there is possibility in failing to manage. Sometimes you can fail too even if you grew where there is a lot of money.

This is because sometimes if you never worked for something, you will never care how you use or spend it.

BLACK JACKET:  Money is not good. I have seen many instances when it changed some women who inherited wealth from their late husbands.

These women will start dating small boys, take them out, buy them alcohol, and sleep with them.

BLUE JACKET:  It’s like most people lose their senses and do not think properly once they touch money.

In some company, when someone is just about to get retirement package, they will call some experts to administer counselling on an employee.

I know some people who misused their retirement packages or misused the riches their parents left for them before they died.

A young man came to us and asked us to help them go cut some meat for cooking. My friend and I left.









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    Madi a go jesa mmoto o mokima wa mosese o mo yellow

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