Mokaila defends opportunistic dams

Mokaila defends opportunistic dams


Minister says the 200 small dams are harmless to Gaborone Dam

Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Kitso Mokaila, says the over 200 small dams in the Gaborone Dam catchment area which stretches to South Africa has no impact on the dam not being full to capacity.

“I personally do not think the small dams have any contributing factor for the Gaborone Dam to be at the level it is today.

The small dams have been there for years now and the Gaborone Dam level has been high.

So in my own observation these dams have no impact.

If anything else the dams have contributed positively in such that there isn’t much silting at Gaborone Dam,” Mokaila told members of Ntlo Ya Dikgosi on Monday.

He stated that silting at Gaborone Dam stands at 5%. The Minister said most of the dams are very small, with a capacity of less than 100,000 cubic metres.

Their total capacity amounts to 26 million cubic metres as opposed to 144 million for Gaborone Dam, he said, adding that Ngotwane Dam in Lehurutse, South Africa is the biggest in the catchment area with a capacity of 18 million cubic metres.

He said of the significant dams, only Nnywane near Lobatse is used for domestic water supply.

The rest of the dams in the country are used for agricultural purposes like stock watering and irrigation. Mokaila argued that people just want to blow the issue of the dams out of proportion.

DEFENSIVE: Kitso Mokaila

DEFENSIVE: Kitso Mokaila

The minister was responding to a question from Kgosi Phokontsi Seeletso of Tonota Region.

He(Phokontsi) wanted to understand if Gaborone Dam current level is due to the fact that there is no enough rainfall or whether it is true that the situation is influenced by the 200 dams which are absorbing the water that is supposed to flow into Gaborone Dam.


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