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INJURED: Margaret Hudson

INJURED: Margaret Hudson

A 26- year- old Zimbabwean woman and a 21- year old police volunteer are expected to appear before Maun Magistrate court charged with affray.

The two, Margaret Hudson and the volunteer , Morris Dipateletso were engaged in a bitter fight on Saturday which left the woman with a swollen face and heavy bleeding from the nose and ears.

Hudson in an interview told The Voice that the volunteer beat her up for no particular reason while she was on her way to the shops.

She claims that during the fight she lost her passport and police have since refused to assist her because of that.

“I was on my way to buy food and they pounced on me from behind and started beating me until I was rescued by one of them.

They have the habit of harassing us just because we are Zimbabweans.

I will fight for justice,” Hudson fumed.

The mother of one however said that for the past two years of her regular visits to Botswana to do small jobs like laundry and plaiting hair, it was the first time for her to be brutally beaten by the police for no apparent reason.

But contrary to Hudson’s claims Maun Police Station Officer Assistant Superintendent Boreteletse Papani said that his colleague told them that a fight ensued when Hudson tried to run away from police custody.

According to Papani the volunteer had arrested the woman together with three other illegal immigrants but while on their way to the police station for detention she decided to run away.

“Our volunteer says that Hudson did not have any document on her to prove that she was in the country legally but when taking them to the police she ran away leading to a chase that ended in a fight.”

Since the police did not know who to believe, they decided to charge both parties with affray and will appear before the magistrate court once the injured woman has healed.

“She cannot talk properly because of her injuries but we will try to look for more witnesses so that the court can have a clear picture of what transpired that day”.



13 Responses to “Cop’s fierce fight with woman ends in court”

  1. Mooketsi dudely Thabiwa 2014/06/24

    Nna tota kgang e ga ke e bee sebete gotlhelele rona Batswana are le ko simbakwe kana south africa gare nke re tshwenngwa ke ope ka bo tla ke bone pasa Mo Botswood oka di batwa tsotlhe letse di sa tlhokafaleng must seo se fetoge

  2. Leonardo 2014/06/24

    O monyadisetse straight this z forbidden my nikka especially o le le volunteer

  3. letimone 2014/06/24

    It tarnishes the image of the country gape this zims bare thusa ka go ntsha mmoto,ba epa masimo, the office of the President must condemn this.

  4. cheerful 2014/06/25

    There was no need to BEAT the person up Goodness Gracious just because she had now documents-if did try to escape there is way to deal with it professionally.

    If people are not shooting illegal migrants for doing an honest days work making them to lose both arms and the man does not seem to be ever prosecuted
    Botswana you are a very hostile country shame on you

  5. cheerful 2014/06/26

    alot leaves to be desired of the police force from a professional view

  6. CUDDLESOME 2014/06/27

    Aitse kgang ye ya go betsa ma Zimbabwe e tshwanetse go emelwa ka dinao. This is really damaging a good image ya Botswana. It happens everyday and its like jaanong its a normal thing.

  7. cheerful 2014/06/27

    It occurring everyday and it a normal thing???? for people in authority to go beating up people just because they do not have documents???? very unacceptable if this happened to me i know exactly what i would do

  8. cheerful 2014/06/27

    She cannot talk properly because of her injuries – who will foot the medical bill?

    if this is a daily occurrence and people are standing by watching this happen – this is unacceptable

  9. cheerful 2014/06/27

    Who is giving the police authority to beat people up without documents??

  10. cheerful 2014/06/28

    Watched how migrants from other african countries are illtreated on the contintent when crossing illegally into other countries could not watch the whole thing because it was sickening – where a migrant had his hands chopped off

  11. Love kate 2014/06/28

    Were these volunteers without any senior officer? dont make us to be like these countries which badly treat migrants. we dont want our beautiful country’s name be tarnished not on international matters. Even for the very reason that we are not selfish, war mongers, greedy or revenging kind of society. A migrant is still a human being with full rights.

  12. cheerful 2014/06/28

    people are wrong for mistreating the migrants who cannot solve their countries issues- they are not the leaders for goodness sake

  13. cheerful 2014/06/28

    coming bac to the film that i could not watch on how migrants are illtreated. One of the people who decided to become an activist and speak out on the ill treatment of migrants on the continent is an Eritrean woman who now resides in Sweden

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