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Olympic silver medalist Nijel Amos seems to be doing very well on and off the pitch.

After defeating Kenyan Rudisha recently in the Diamond League, the 800m sprinter now has Sasa Klaas in the baG….at least that’s what it looked like last Thursday.

Amos and rapper Klaas were seen all over each other during the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup hosted at Rodizio.Klaas

First to arrive at the venue was the sprinter who then waited outside for the rapper.

The youngsters put on a ‘klaas’ act for the entire duration of the match.

They only had eyes for each other. They left together after the match and disappeared into the parking lot.

Maybe Sasa would rap about it in her upcoming album.


A troubled BDP candidate in Mahalapye is said to have been turned down by a Roman Catholic Priest recently after he asked to be prayed for.

The man apparently rose up in church and asked the priest to pray for his victory in the coming elections.

The man of God is said to have politely turned the desperate politician down before opting to pray for everyone in church.

Please somebody tell our brother that politics has no place in church. Big-up to the priest for refusing to endorse one politician over his opponents.


Psst! Guys get your condoms ready, pop your Viagra and lets head to a Chinese clinic in one of the suburbs in GC, that is if you are white, Indian or Asian.

A fly in the wall has told Yours Truly that a house belonging to an ambassador at one of the Asian countries operates as a brothel.

There are hot Chinese girls ready to please and clients involve some of richest men in this country.

The sad news though is that black people are not welcome.

Reasons for this discrimination are still not clear. Sorry guys, it looks like the Chinese candy is off limits…..FOR NOW.


Some people have a habit sneaking their way into our hearts and then without warning disappear.

Remember P-Mag; that bawler? He came and got us hooked to his smooth lyrics and went AWOL.

Another man whose face was all over was former BNF Youth League President Kagiso Ntime.

Known for his afro and shooting from the hip, Ntime used to hog all the lime light until he decided to join the ruling BDP.

But the crown should perhaps go to traditional artist Shirley.

The girl with the golden voice; the lady who made traditional music fashionable.

Who can ever forget her collaboration with Gongmaster? Shirley where art-thou?








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  1. phomphoko 2014/06/23

    aaag man mara why rona bo blackie re sa letelelwe nah ke bata go utwa Chinese candy legale keep us posted if they start welcoming the blacks

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