DISTRAUGHT WIFE: Susan Motlhasedi

DISTRAUGHT WIFE: Susan Motlhasedi


A 68-year old Maun granny proved the age is nothing but a number when she was ordered to pay P50 000 for marriage wrecking in what could be the first case of a love triangle involving pensioners.

Although granny Tebatso Samoheko lost out financially, she at least got to keep her man and age-mate, 68-year-old Phuthiyagae Motlhasedi refereed to in court as a ‘brown bull.’

Tebatso Samoheko (68) from Shashe ward in Maun appeared before Senior Chief Kgosi Charles Letsholathebe on Wednesday morning on charges of marriage wrecking 62- year old Susan Motlhasedi’s 19 years old marriage to Phuthiyagae Motlhasedi.

In court Susan narrated how her husband developed a tendency of disappearing from home in 2003 and how she found out that he spent a lot of time at Samoheko’s place.

The rejected woman said that after numerous husband and wife confrontations, the husband gave directions to the accused’s place.

“I decided not to engage other family members or Samoheko because I was afraid it was going to tarnish our dignity.

ESTRANGED HUSBAND: Phuthiyagae Motlhasedi

ESTRANGED HUSBAND: Phuthiyagae Motlhasedi

I thought both will realise what they were doing wrong and end it.”

Susan further told the court that ten years later in December 2013 their engine at the farm broke down and there was nothing to eat in the house so she decided to follow her husband to his girlfriend’s house.

“He is the one who knows how to fix the engine. I needed him so I followed him since I knew where to find him.”  She found her husband seated outside while Samoheko was having a bath.

“I waited and after bathing she came out. I said to her, “Ke a batla ke timeletswe ke Kgomo e khonou mme Kgomo ya teng ke monna wame.” (I am searching, I have lost a brown bull and the bull is my husband.)

MARRIAGE WRECKER: Tebatso Samoheko

MARRIAGE WRECKER: Tebatso Samoheko

After a few exchanges Samoheko did not dispute the affair but simply told Susan that it was a wife’s responsibility to take her man back.

The ‘brown bull’ however refused to go home with Susan.

The jilted wife went back alone but things got worse as their livestock started dying of thirst and she was forced to go back a few years later to seek help from her husband.

This time around when she approached at Samoheko’s yard she saw her husband scurrying into the house to hide.

Susan told the court that while knocking on the door she caught a glimpse of an axe wielding Samoheko  coming towards her.

“I rushed to their neighbour to ask for help because I was afraid she was going to finish me off with her axe.”

The neighbour is said to have tried to convince Motlhasedi to get out and talk to his wife but to no avail.

At this point Susan lost hope and shouted the message about the dying cattle since the doors were closed.

When asked by court about the axe, Samoheko said she was simply doing house chores and had no intention to attack her rival.

“There is no way I was going to attack her. I had long told her that she was free to take her man.

I cannot chase him from my house but she can take him anytime if she can.” said

Samoheko who went on to deny that she started an affair with Matlhasedi in 2009 but December 2013.
In passing judgement Kgosi Letsholathebe however pleaded with Susan to reduce her demands from the initial P100 000 which she did by going down to P80 000.

Kgosi Letsholathebe however awarded her P50 000 instead, which he said must be paid within a year.

In an interview after the court session Susan said that there was nothing much she could do to persuade her husband to come back home since he found a new home.

“I am going back to the cattle post. Although it will be hard to look after the cattle alone I do not have the energy to fight over a man.” Samoheko was advised to appeal within 30 days.

The defiant mistress and her boyfriend refused to comment.




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    Daniel Chida y don’t u check ur spelling man? Also some of your sentences don’t make sense. Kante gole koo ga lena editor? Hopeless.

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  6. thecute 2014/06/13

    ” idont have energy to fight for a man” you demonstrated you have by taking the other woman to court & I guess you will be happy for the win of P50 000.Thats a fight.lwa mma,monna wa lwela,e seng jalo o ta sala ka sone sediba.

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