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BDP SG laughs off claims  that BCP man turned down ruling party offer

Botswana Democratic Party Secretary General Mpho Balopi has laughed off  allegations that the BDP has embarked on a vigorous mission to recruit  Member of Parliament for Ngami and Botswana Congress Party (BCP) parliamentary candidate Taolo Habano into the ruling party.

“Since its election time I know people are going to make up stories to discredit our party, but who in his right  mind would  waste time by going all the way to Gumare to recruit Habano,” Balopi said before he laughed out loud.

Balopi was responding to Habono’s claims made at his launch last week saturday that he had turned down what seemed like a lucrative offer to join the ruling party.

Habano told his audience that his relatives from the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) told him that they were sent by their superiors to recruit him.

He said his relatives told him  that those who sent them from the BDP had promised to reward him with a seat at the House of Chiefs if he took the offer.

He further claimed that the first time the  BDP attempted to recruit him was in 2003.

Then he was offered  a cabinet position, he claims.

“My daughter phoned me saying they have promised to give me a cabinet position but I told her that I was not interested and  it was not a negotiable matter ,” he added.

He said that even if there was money put on the table he wouldn’t join the BDP because the 34 years he worked in the public service had opened his eyes to the realisation that some of the decisions were taken for political benefit at the expense of national interest.
Contempteously dismissing Habono’s allegations Balopi said:
“Unless Habano comes up with the names of those who were in the BDP delegation that was meant to recruit him, I am not going to comment on this non issue”



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