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Pictures of South African, Nigerian and Ghanaian female performers showing their private parts on stage, shocking the conservative and titillating perverts out there have become somewhat common we know.

But much to our horror the practice was brought home last week when Yours Truly with his naked eyes witnessed during the official opening of the BOCCIM Northern Trade Fair’s 20th edition, a local shameless dancer showcasing her dimpled thighs and pink underwear much to the disgust of the guests.

I mean if creativity is eluding us to the point where we have to rely on exposing our private parts then at least let’s work out and have a toned body to show off. Shaya is just saying.

WHO’S THE BOSS? Ready-for-elections

The fight for political office at Maun West constituency is heating up and battle lines are certainly drawn in deep sand.

Car-of-electionsKgosi Tawana Moremi’s arch rival Reaboka Mbulawa is using every weapon in his armoury to try and unseat the MP and chief.

Mbulawa’s latest jibe at Tawana has come in the spin on Tawana’s name,which means a cub.

The BDP candidate Mbulawa has now declared himself “Lion of Maun West” which is blazoned on his campaign vehicles implying he is bigger and mightier than Kgosi Tawana the cub.

Shaya is watching with interest to see who will make it to parley after all the shouting and screaming has been done.


They are knew in the industry but ladies be warned, these guys who appear more female than male seem to be here to win the fashion stakes.

Locally we have Shanti Lo and Motswafere but Mzamo of Big Brother Mzanzi has simply taken the game a notch higher.

Our Europen based artist Trinity does not want to be left behind either. Shaya urges all women to up their dress sense.

It’s one of those competitions we didn’t see coming, but ladies after this you can’t say you havent been warned if your man was to be caught glancing at these It ‘girlfriends’



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