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GUILTY: Mogomotsi Sethaba

GUILTY: Mogomotsi Sethaba


Forgiveness is not a word you will find in 72-year-old Alec Mposa’s vocabulary.

In an emotional interview with The Voice he swore that he would only find peace when the heartless rapist and murderer of his 17-year-old daughter is sent to the gallows.

MogomotsiSethaba (21) was found guilty and will know his fate next Friday when he appears before the Francistown High court.

Retired night watchman Alec KemosekiMposa wipes away a tear as he speaks of the tragic loss of his daughter, raped and strangled to death at he hands of a merciless young man he calls ‘the beast.’

He agreed to be interviewed just days before the Francistown High Court is due to rule on the fate ofMogomotsiSethaba.

Alec hopes that telling his story will persuade the country’s justice system to sentence the convicted killer to death.raped

As we arrive at his modest two-bedroomed house in Palapye, Alec puts away the small tin of glue and the blue checked shoe he had started to repair.

He fixes his gaze on a point on the opposite wall as he stares into the distance.

Relating the details of his beloved daughter Priscillah’s last day on earth, he appears to be narrating the script of a movie imprinted there.

“I had asked her to accompany me toLobatsethat morning for the Easter holidays since her church would also be going there for a meeting.

But she insisted she wanted to travel with her church mates. Little did I know itwould be the last time I was to see her alive,”begins the old man who originates from Magotlhwane.

“She carried my bag and walked me to that road to board a taxi.

Only after seeing me off did she go back home,” he says, pointing in the direction of the tarred road a few metres away from his yard.

He got the shattering news of his daughter’s death while he was away visiting his brother back in Lobatse.

“My wife’s sister only told me that one of my children had died, and I should come back home. She did not tell me which one.”

It is two years since Priscilla was raped and strangled to death in the men’s toilets during an all night church vigil at Royal College in Palapye.

In that time there has never been a day when Alec has not thought about his daughter.

“If I had my own way I would have long killed that beast with my bare hands.

I would be the one behind bars and on trial. I lost a star.

She was very dear to me and nothing can bring her back.”

Alec goes on to warn, “If the state does not hang him or keep him in prison for life, the parents of this madman should watch out. He will end up killing them too.”

Speaking of the moment he came face to face with his daughter’s killer, he described the day when police brought the man into his yard.

“I had a violent rush of emotions, like a dam bursting. I asked them why they had brought a thug into my home.

I wanted to finish him off with irons and an axe.”

It was during that visit that 21-year-old Sethabarelatedchilling details of how he ended the life of theinnocent and promising Form 3 Mmaphula student.

“He told how he pounced on Priscillah while she was relieving herself outside the hall.

He draggedher through the mud to the men’s toilets.

From the marks in the mud one can tell there was a struggle.”

Asked why he went on to kill the girlSethabasaid he did not intend to kill her.

He described how he used the church sash she was wearing to stop her from screaming for help during the rape.

“But bythe time he was done with his evil deed, life had seeped out of my little girl.”

According to the grieving old man, the killer confessed that on the fateful night he was horny and was frantically looking for a woman whom he could have intercourse with.

“And when he saw my daughter squatto pass out urine, she fell prey to that animal.

She was not even of age yet to have sleep with a man. Shedidn’t even have a boyfriend!”

The words his daughter’s exchanged with her killer still ring in the old man’s ears.

“What do you want from me? All I know is church and nothing else.”

As if the death of his daughter was not enough Alec buried his wife and mother of his six children after she succumbed to breast cancer.

“Just when the wound was starting to heal, I suffered another blow.

My wife passed away in February this year.  It has been a streak of bad luck ever since Priscillah was killed.

My cattle were attacked by a mysterious disease, some got lost and now I don’t have a single beast.”

Meanwhile memories of his daughter live on in his heart. Several pictures of her still hang in the house.

“I thought about taking them down, but I was afraid the children would see this as a sign that I wanted them to forget about her.”

Instead he uses her memory to challenge the children when they misbehave, to be more like Priscillah.

After three hours our interview is over.

Alec’s last words as he allows us to photograph a copy of the funeral programme are left hanging in the air.

“She was my star. Since she was taken away the light has gone out of my life.

All I want now is justice and for that man to hang.”


SINCE GAINING INDEPENDENCE IN 1966 Botswana has executed 47 inmates.

The last prisoner to be sent to the gallows was OreletsieModiseThokamolelo of Letlhakane – a six-time murder convict.

He had pleaded guilty to the murder of his brother and the brother’s entire family of five members, including a four- month-old baby.

He was sentenced to death by the Francistown High Court on all six counts in 2010 and appealed the convictions and sentences at the Court of Appeal last year April and lost.

BITTER: Alec Mposa

BITTER: Alec Mposa

He was executed a few days later.

Thokamolelo’sexecution reduced the number of death inmates currently on death row to five.

Amongst those executed since the beginning of the millennium:





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