GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Dorcas Makgato Malesu

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Dorcas Makgato Malesu

Mahalapye’s state of the art shopping mall,Watershed Piazza, was officially opened last Friday by Minister of Trade and Industry Dorcas Makgato-Malesu.

The P30 million shopping mall is the first of its kind in Mahalapye.

It is the brainchild of businessman Seloma Tiro.

Minister Malesu described Tiro as an astute entrepreneur whose diverse footprint extends to ventures such as Barcelo’s and Wimpy franchises, fuel stations, a lodge and property that includesa bank in Nata.

She said Tiro’s exceptional business acumen and track record encouraged CEDA to help financethe mall to the tune of P30 million.

In terms of employment creation, Malesu said the project has created hundreds of job opportunities.

“As well as the obvious retail jobs there are security and cleaning vacancies to be filled.

Government welcomes any contributions towards employment creation as this country is faced with challenges of unemployment,” said Malesu.

She added, “It is evident that the contribution of the private sector in terms of employment creation and economic diversification is vital.

The growth and the diversification of the country’s economy can only be fulfilled when both government and the private sector are committed to working together.”

Mall owner Tiro said he chose Mahalapyebecause it is the third largest village in the Central District with a population of 41,315 and serves as a district headquarters of Mahalapye West, Shoshong and Tswapong South.

“When the population of these areas is taken into account the population reaches a total of 110,000 and should be more adequate to drive the activity at this mall,” said Tiro.

He further said Watershed Piazza has brought with it some excitement and enthusiasm from residents of Mahalapye and surrounding areas.

“There is no denying that Watershed Piazza has become a great centre a hub of cosmopolitan activity, a truly national and iconic set up,” he said.






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