ON THE RECORDS: Thabo Thamane

ON THE RECORDS: Thabo Thamane

CEDA (Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency) CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Thabo Thamane, challenged his principal Minister of Trade and Industry, Dorcus Makgato-Malesu, to give him more powers.

Thamane didn’t mince his words when he told Minister Malesu in front of other ministers (notably Minister of Lands, Lebonaamang Mokalake, and Junior Minister of Local Government, Botlogile Tshireletso) that for CEDA to be effective it needed to be capacitated to finance projects up to over P60 million instead of the current P30 million.

“My minister, I want to plead with you to give me more powers so that I can assist Batswana who want to set up businesses that will improve the lives of other Batswana.

I am saying please increase the loan to P60 million. We have proposals that need that kind of money,” he said to a round of applause.

Thamane made it clear to Malesu that he is challenging her in-front of her cabinet colleagues so that they can back her up when she presents the issue in cabinet.

“The message is not only directed to my minister by all ministers who are here,” he said.

However, when Malesu took to the podium she did not comment on the remarks made by Thamane, except to say that she is humbled that so many Batswana are now becoming entrepreneurs.




  1. letimone 2014/06/04

    Simplify policies,cut the interest n VAT, m failing to do business in Tswapong cauz CEDA has no USER FRIENDLY POLICIES

  2. Doris 2014/06/06

    Did you see that the minister was ignoring you? She could at least have said something concerning your proposal to show appreciation. Tomorrow she will say she can no longer work with you and probably fire you from work for, say, insubordination and that you have reached a ‘mutual understanding’.

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