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This past weekend Shaya happened to pass by O’Hagan’s bar at Game City mall for a sip of some holy waters.

I spotted the presenter of Duma FM’ Speeding, Bonnie Dintwa ranting about how his sneakers were worth a whopping P6 000 a pair.
Shaya has always been under the impression that it was a girly thing to brag about shoes but each to his won so big, up to you Bonnie.

After all if you have the money why not indulge?


Our Olympic gold medalist Amantle Montsho has a soft spot for Trekkers Night Club.

Shaya spotted the fastest girl in Botswana dancing with a beautiful girl on Friday and Saturday night at the same club.

The two looked happy holding hands throughout the night, and at some point the girl was sitting on Amantle’s lap.

The question on everybody’s lips though is are they just friends who are very comfortable in each other’s company or could there be more than meets the eye to their  relationship?


Word reaching yours truly is that DJ Shim-Rock owes the mother of his child 9 years worth of maintenance.

The lady revealed to Shaya at the weekend at some posh pub in Gaborone that Shim-Rock was in arrears in paying maintenance for his child.
She claimed that Shimmy has not paid a single Thebe to the welfare of the child in all those years nor does he care about his well being.

Word of advice brother, please put the interests of the child first.

I am sure you can spare some few Pulas from the gigs you organize in those pubs to look after your own blood.


Minister of Trade and Industry during the official opening of Watershed Piazza in Mahalapye: “I have been described as a mad person by people close to me.”




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