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  1. cheerful 2014/05/27

    There is need to reasure the lady – she is still grieving for her son and the person who did this should see that she is taken care of

  2. cheerful 2014/05/27

    “Residents of both villages say that police officers were reluctant to take the boy to the clinic after the shooting.” Surely these are the witnesses and someone somewhere should lend a listening ear to what exactly transpired

  3. Othina 2014/05/28

    This man must be charged for murder and
    cruelty to animals where did he get the rights to shoot a dog you don not go around shooting dogs and people as you please justice must be done that is if there is justice in Botswana

  4. EddieJexx 2014/05/28

    Rich or poor..Judgement has to be done
    we are all equal.If he is found guilty charges should apply :D

  5. maanyaanya 2014/05/28

    A visit to both Tsabong and Werda police station commander gave impression that Kealeboga’s death was treated as MINOR INCIDENT, wats dat mean???? Mohumi o bolaile mohumanegi so go tshwana fela lefa a kabe a bolaile A DOG dats y a sa tshwarwa ka gaa molato le fa go tlhamaletse gore ke ene a mmolaileng.

  6. docter 2014/05/28

    May your soul RIP Kealeboga,modimo o teng mma gre a motho wa nama o tsaya kgato kgotsa nnyaa wena tshepha ene o tla go sekela

  7. TSO KHUNOU 2014/05/28

    ke manyala fela.lefatshe le ke manyala!!
    something serious has to be done with this man.

  8. Mapodisi a jesitswe sengwe….. (A visit to both Tsabong and Werda police station commanders gave the impression that Kealeboga’s death was treated as a minor incident.)

  9. game rebone 2014/05/28

    Oh God please let peace reign between them.Son of David let your mercy and favour speak for them and let everyone forgive each other

  10. Eish mathata

  11. cheerful 2014/05/28

    “Is it because I am a peasant or because they fear Moroka, because he is rich? I don’t know.”
    Someone has to answer THIS QUESTION???
    Even those in
    The secretary of a very large company like De Beers should know how to answer the phone and not just try to cover up by saying his busy in important meetings dear dear dear secretary how did you get your job?

  12. He deserve to be hung

  13. bosa 2014/05/29

    One day, Justice shall preveil

  14. cheerful 2014/05/29

    Police procedure is that whenever a person kills another be it intentionally or unintentionally he or she should be detained for at least 48 hours while investigations are undertaken.

    why was the person not detained for 48 hrs??? or is it because he is a big shot and they were afraid which is the norm in african countries
    If people like the police who attended and were supposed to deal with this incident are not happy in their jobs they should leave and make way for others

    it looks no one in authority has asked the villagers to come forward as witnesses

  15. cheerful 2014/05/30

    is there someone willing to assist the lady to get legal aid or a lawyer???

  16. Chris M 2014/06/01

    I grew up knowing that when a person kills another, the suspect gets arrested. This is total deviation from the norm. The police need to explain this shocking duplicity! Even their investigations, done with the suspect out to potentially interfere with them, and hence invalidate the results, are tainted. The Commissioner of Police needs to explain all this charade and consider his position. This is disgraceful and there can never be sense of justice here! The way things are done, Moraka will never, ever be cleared of this in the minds of every sane person even if he was telling the truth! Shocking!

  17. cheerful 2014/06/02

    The Commissioner of Police seems to have a backlog of issues! Amazing how they strut before the cameras wearing their uniforms and medals!!!

  18. dicks dee 2014/06/16

    R.I.P Kea.GOD knows.moroka ke ene dog he need to be hunged.sisssssssssss.

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