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With our looming elections one would have thought the hype would be on party manifestos.

But not in our diamond clad country.

The focus is on Duma Boko, the Botswana National Front’s  (BNF) leader and  United Democratic Front (UDF) President.

First it was his helicopter ride with his Hollywood’s star friend Rick Yune who visited him to give him moral support and they toured the country together.

Some lambasted him for using this fast mode of transport to cover our large country.

The latest is the publicized private meetings he had with President Seretse Khama Ian Khama.



When The Voice Poll reveals week after week, that the man who is a hot topic of not only the social media but print and broadcast media leads in the Presidential Polls as a favourite, The Voice is accused of bias.

But the fact is the paper reflects the votes as presented by those who participates.

However, Boko is not a figure to ignore. Like the sitting President Ian Khama, he is decisive and not afraid to rock the boat.

Even his own party members have taken him to court for their party issues but he remains steadfast in what he believes in.

Amidst his flaws, one fact for sure is that Khama has changed the Botswana political landscape. His actions has not only resulted in a split in his own party but has ignited Batswana to vote…

Some are intent to vote for him and some against him.



But the commentary on social media, if the comments could translate into votes would bring about a hung parliament and/or an opposition win.

Unfortunately most who sing on facebook do not in fact vote. But through mostly facebook, we have seen many make an effort to register to vote this year.

If the statistics of the just ended second supplementary voter registration exercise from 01-18 May 2014 is 167 682, then Batswana are now waking up to seize their democratic right to vote.

On the other hand, the social buzz and media hype given Boko has made him a force to reckon with. Bad or good publicity yields results.

When Khama ascended to power there was a negative media hype around him, but this only made him popular and his “poverty eradication” programme drew him closer to the grassroots and under priviledged.

Despite it being negative publicity it put him out there and aroused the public’s interest in the man. Unfortunately, negative publicity can be like a virus that continues to spread.

Hence this quote from Winston Churchhill, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a change to get its pants on.

Boko is a victim of this type of publicity and he is making an impact on the voters of this coming elections.

Julius Malema of the newly formed Economic Freedom Fighters was written off by the world and the African National Congress only for him to harness over 1 million votes which translates to 25 seats in parliament.

Everything is possible!Things are not always what they seem.




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