LOVED-UP: Slizer

LOVED-UP: Slizer

Local Queen of Kwaito Kwasa, Naledi Kaisara aka Slizer, has found love in Zimbabwe at the hands of Sungura musician, Peter Moyo.

The Bobonong-born singer and dancer is over the moon about her new found love after divorcing her South African husband Bosi Mosupi, aka Cobra.

Speaking to The Voice, Slizer (who was careful not to reveal too many details) confirmed that she was in love with the renowned Zimbabwean musician.

She said that her marriage to South African Mosupi failed partly because he wanted to make her a house-wife.

“Cobra wanted me to quit music and be a housewife but you can’t stop me from doing what I love most, music is my life.

We agreed to end our relationship even though we have a child together,” she said.

She said that Moyo’s appearance on the scene had really helped her to recuperate after the heartache of divorce and all the media attention on her private life.

Although the couple first dated last year, Slizer refused to say how they met.

Meanwhile Moyo was quoted in the Zimbabwean media saying, “Yes, there is something going on between me and Slizer but it’s our secret.

I knew people were going to talk. What is wrong with spending most of my time with Slizer?

We are artistes and we have common interests.

Last year I invited her to my father’s memorial and then we toured together and one thing led to another.

When I go to Botswana and get the chance to see her, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.”

He is also said to have posted a picture of him and Slizer as his Whatsapp profile.

A source close to the two artistes revealed that the couple is well known at one particular hotel in Harare, where Slizer has a permanent room.

The ‘Diwewewe’ hit-maker said it is too soon to discuss marriage, but did not rule it out in future.

Moyo is featured in Slizer’s album titled Bazooka on a track called ‘Asina Mari.’





  1. leps 2014/05/24

    ke eng asa boele gae alesa go tabtaba mo aa!

  2. Prince lawrence 2014/05/24

    hahaha ga ngalwa ga tlhalwa

  3. Johnmuds 2014/05/25

    Too bad for u Slizer. My suggestion is find the Lord and let Him take control of your life and He will do the rest for u. Let the Holy Spirit guide u in all that u do and happiness will follow.

  4. Chilly Baba 2014/05/26

    Aoo bathong tsaya nako tlhemma pele oka nyalwa please go nna divorcie gago monate but be ware gore zim batshabelelwa kego tsaya 2 gonwe ebile le ene ke divorcie

  5. Kwaaaaakz
    another love for her is emerging at Zambia or Namibia,wait until 2 years from now.
    Adawise iketle mma some have had chosen u as eir role model mar u letting them down.

  6. game rebone 2014/05/27

    ijoh ke mathata….gatwe ngwana o diitswa ke eng ba2…..a ko o jole le mozim wa gago go fithela o tsohala o lese go chencha banna o kareng..aaah la lapisa kwa

  7. docter 2014/05/27

    ao nkane boela gae o nne hatshe le motswana olese batswa kwa,gape nna hahatshe mmao godise ngwana o toga asa gole sentle.i totle mosadi thari ya sechaba,o ruta bana eng ?

  8. kgosie 2014/05/27

    O tsamaya a comparer metsoko ya makwerekwere slizer haha! Boa koo o tle go godisa ngwana ngwanyana ke wena

  9. Gosi 2014/05/27

    Please leave Slizer alone,this is not the time to vomit your jealous on her,almost every second there is a divorce case somewhere,and her reasons are valid,no one wants to be a house wife,and there is nothing wrong in going on another opened door,there is no need to keep on looking back at the closed one,that is why resa ye gope basadyi ba setswana,re nnetse bo rragwe ngwanake le bo married man, motho ago beile hoo jaaka maid,if she found someone i find no reason for her to lock her self up just to satisfy batho,ba elee gore most of them ba taa helela hela mobo boyfriend and girlfried they will never marry or get married at least ene oi itshupile gore she can be more than that,and i also support the one who said find God,that is a good,actually the only and best advice,because God ene chooses for us,he will send the right partner to locate you,so please i beg,just give her your support she needs it most.pray for her,or just keep quiet and concentrate on your own life.

  10. pineapple 2014/05/27

    I would not recommend my young siblings to look up to her as a role model

  11. hehehehe khaman wena Slizer, o nne o ntse oba fetola hela leko DRC o jike teng oska lebala le Naija kobo BOKO HARAM

  12. T-boz 2014/05/27

    Lo a swabisa go kgala Slizer for getting out of a bad marriage….! Move on sista…. U only have this one life to live…. If u r not happy do something as for the new guy, u’ll commit when ready and all you haters SHUT up and eat your hearts out…..!

  13. tboy 2014/05/27

    if it doesnt work…move on…no one is having power to dictate your happiness…do what you like most..

  14. slake motlhabani I 2014/05/28

    kana she wrote a song ya #Bazoka and kana #Bazoka is a big gun only fit for gifted man. Men who ar gifted in shootin skills.

    Doubt if Mlesho or the ex-husbnd know anythng abt a #BAZOKA except for MOYO who motivated Slizer to write a song calld ‘Bazoka’.

    hehehe mothaka yo go raya gre o tshwere Bazoka bo Mlesho ke di9mm

  15. TSO KHUNOU 2014/05/28

    slizer one tym!! ke HING HONG,mocha o chele

  16. bosa 2014/05/29

    Hypocrites! I wonder why… Y’alls ar bunch of immature jerks! I mean you never sieze to talk, and your talk is always crap for that matter, n it’s hard to find people like Gosi…
    People, who at view will never judge nor criticize! They know life and you guys, you guys should build up it’s already 2014, it’s not even 2016… I hope your kind by that time will no longer exist!

  17. enocko 2014/05/30

    Ya! sister if the marriage din work out u gotta move on,no probs with that and ya,u don have control on whatsoever journalists write about you. either way i wouldn’t want the younger generation to look uo to you,wa rasa nyana le wena ah!!

  18. ornament 2014/05/30

    Leave Slizer alone guys in future you should be happy wats da use of pretending to be the happiest woman while you are not. move on sisi…

  19. Chris M 2014/06/01

    The way of celebrity marriages and relationships – too public and never last! Too many people involved in them! Soon, no one will take her seriously! She should be careful not to be used and dumped by all these ‘men’! Why quickly get into another relationship? She needs take time to self-introspect and assess with clear head who she wants to date next. Not jump from one relationship to next in such quick succession. Doesn’t look good!

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