NO DOCTORS: Hospital ward

NO DOCTORS: Hospital ward

Long winding queues of patients at Francistown’s public clinics are far from being over because the city’s health facilities have only twelve medical doctors instead of the 37 they should have. 

This equates to one doctor per 8 000 patients in the city’s 23 clinics.

This worrisome situation in the clinics was brought to light this week by the city’s Deputy District Commissioner, Boyce Mangole, in a full council session.

“The doctor patient ratio is just alarming. Visit any of our facilities at any time be it day or night and the queues are always long.

You will see how much our people are suffering,” blasted councilor Shadreck Nyeku.

The District Health Management Team (DHMT) was lambasted for not pitching up for meetings when invited by the Francistown’s education, health and social services committee.

“At least they should be presenting to them this appalling situation. Just look around this room, not even one of them is here.” He said.

Francistown councilors have called for the Minister of Health, Reverend Dr. John Seakgosing, to come and address them on this distressing situation which has been dragging for a very long time.

“We need him here. To explain to us what is going on and the steps they are taking to address the dire conditions in our clinics.

Patients are seen going from one clinic to another in search of medication,” said Nyeku.

Another councilor feared if the situation goes on unchecked government could find herself in the courts of law.

“If the public could only organize themselves to protest, the government would find itself in a big mess.

The nation would drag them to court for the deplorable state of our health facilities and failing to deliver essential services to the people,” pointed out Professor Tlou.

Councilors believe the Ministry of Health was frustrating the district.

Many doctors were transferred out of Francistown despite advice to the contrary.

Deputy District Commissioner Mangole assured the council that they were working hand in hand with the relevant Ministry to urgently allocate them more medical doctors.







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