BDP postpones Youth league congress

BDP postpones Youth league congress


Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has postponed the Youth League Congress that was to take place next weekend in Masunga.

The postponement did not go down well with some candidates who thought the party’ Secretary General Mpho Balopi had a hand in it because his preferred candidate Andy Boatile was going to lose.

However Balopi disputed that saying the postponement was done after looking at the impact that it can have in the party especially moving towards elections.

“We looked at how Bulela Ditswe affected our movement and we decided to postpone the congress until after the general elections.” Balopi dismissed allegations that he supported Boatile to continue as the youth league president. He said that as the Secretary General of the party he is tasked with overseeing all structures within the party. “I oversee all structures and that is why I do not want to stand for a council or parliamentary position.”

He said that of course he works with Boatile as the incumbent chairperson. “I don’t subscribe to factions and some of you will realise that as time goes on.”

For his part Boatile said that the postponement had to do with preparations for the elections and launching of candidates in the region.

He said that the congress was going to affect Fidelis Molao and Grace Muzila’s launch at Shashe West and Francistown South respectively.

He said that he is aware of allegations that the party leaders postponed the elections in his favour because he did not have enough support from regions.

“I was going to retain my seat and this postponement has affected me just like them.”

He said that the Party should always be put in first before fighting for positions.

Boatile was likely to face tough competition from Thabo Autlwetse though some little known candidates like Thato Baruti and Mpho Setoke where likely to make surprises.

When reached for comment Autlwetse said that the party took a decision which they had to agree to as candidates.

He said that though he lost money during campaigns there was no need to cry over spilled milk.

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