Copper_cable_scrapStolen copper wire cables with an estimated value of P 560 000 has been recovered by police in the mining village of Letlhakane.

Speaking in an interview, Letlhakane Police Chief Superintendent, Robert Macks said: “Since January this year we have recorded eight cases and these are before the courts. This type of crime has become very rampant here. The cables are stolen mostly from boreholes owned by Debswana and Firestone mines. These boreholes are scattered all over Letlhakane but monitored from Orapa,” disclosed Mack.

“To get access to these boreholes, the thieves cut the fence which surrounds the boreholes and pinch the cables.” He said.

However, the station commander could not disclose the exact weight of the copper cables which they had recovered.

“The cables are cut up into small pieces, which they can easily conceal or carry in bags,” highlighted Mack.

The criminals, who are on the rampage and have kept the village law enforcement officers busy, sell their stolen wares to scrap yards in Francistown and as far away as Gaborone.

Due to the regular theft of these cables, services to the village are constantly collapsing.

Meanwhile, selling of raw meat in the village has become an eyesore.

“From our investigations we have established that people randomly kill livestock which doesn’t belong to them. They shoot the beasts in the bush and skin them out there. Butcher owners are among the culprits. As they slaughter beasts outside gazetted areas, evading the abattoir. For reasons best known to themselves,” continued Letlhakane’s station commander.

Mack said it was a concern to see carcasses being sold openly to members of the public.

“I urge the public to desist from buying meat which they don’t know where it is from. They could find themselves in trouble with the law.”

“So far we have arrested six culprits, whose cases are before the courts. All the culprits are locals who seem to have been working in collaboration with some butcher owners and individuals. Because cases of stock theft are on the increase, farmers should look after their livestock at all times. This would deter thieves,” he continued.



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