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Khama-TshabangPresident Ian Khama’s recent visits to Nkange Constituency have not been welcomed by Botswana Congress Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for the same area Nevah Tshabang.

Speaking to The Voice after Khama’s tour to Maitengwe and Senete Villages, Tshabang described it as a political campaign strategy for his rival Edwin Batshu of Botswana Democratic Party.

He said that after realising BCP’s presence in the area, Batshu and Khama decided to deceive elders by visiting the area for the first time since Khama was elected president.

He said that the area has been regarded a safe constituency for BDP and Khama did not care about people’s welfare until  at this time when they feel threatened.

Tshabang said that the visit lacks meaning to opposition party members because they were not allowed to ask questions. He gave an example of BCP’s Council Candidate for Maitengwe South Boy Chipaladza who was denied the opportunity to field a question. “It was staged, they had their own people they wanted to field questions and praise the area MP and President.”

Apart from being a campaign strategy, the BCP representative said that the visits did not deliver on the people’s wishes.

“These visits are supposed to answer the community needs because we are in Tutume sub-district that lacks a good hospital, has serious policing shortages with only one old police station in Tutume that is also under-resourced and it is a  very large sub-district which needs upgrading to a full district just like what happed in Good Hope.”

Tshabang added that the area does not have a magistrate’s court and people have to travel long distances to seek the courts in Francistown and Masunga.

He said that the area also faces serious electrification challenges with a lot of households deemed to be outside government planning maps, despite having land-board certificates and Water Utilities Corporation connections.

Another issue he feels that Khama should have addressed is the human-wildlife conflict which he said the government is failing to solve, beyond telling people to grow chillies.

“Khama’s visit left a lot to be desiredas he could not give concrete plans to solve the above problems. Only empty promises, sayng ‘ga gona madi, e taa re re bona madi, re tlaa lo akanyetsa.(There’s no money, when we find money we will remember you.) It is a pity that our area continues to suffer while it has never disappointed the ruling party in the elections.”

Tshabang said that since Khama could not provide what the people need, there is no need for the people to vote him back in together with MP Batshu during the 2014 general elections.



3 Responses to “Khama’s Nkange visit leaves bitter taste in BCP candidate’s mouth”

  1. Tgirl 2014/05/20

    Start campaigning Mr, e chaile, lesa go itiya ka dingongorego.

  2. jotjomperi 2014/05/20

    Start intensifying your campaign Mr. Sell your party’s ideas and stop wasting time with petty things.

  3. letimone 2014/05/21

    Mmalo, get into the real world of politics not CHEAP politics, accept criticism mpinchi

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