OUT OF CONTROL: Letimakgosi Poifo

OUT OF CONTROL: Letimakgosi Poifo

Uncle, 32, rapes niece, 9, and blames potency muti

A 32-year-old man of Thito ward in Maun who raped his nine- year-old niece blamed a sex performance boosting traditional muti (motsosa) for the vile act.

Letimakgosi Poifi confessed to the crime in court and was jailed for ten years. In his defence he told how he had drunk the concoction to boost his sexual performance on the day of the rape. He claimed the potion produced a strong sexual desire that demanded immediate gratification.

Narrating his story in court Poifo said that on 6 February he was drinking with friends at one of the local bars when one of his colleagues produced the traditional drug and mixed it with alcohol.

When he returned home the court heard that the little girl’s mother had left the child in the kitchen with Poifo who lived with the family. As soon as the girl’s mother was gone the unscrupulous uncle allegedly dragged her to the back of the house where he molested her.

“When the girl cried out you then put your clothes over her mouth but it was too late because people had already heard her screams,” said Magistrate Clifford Foroma when delivering his judgement. The magistrate said the accused ran away when people came and the girl was found crying wearing only a top.

He said that once arrested the accused lied to the court that the girl panicked and fell after she found him urinating at the back of the house. Initially he denied ever having sex with his niece but later confessed to the crime.

“You failed to cross-examine a nine-year-old girl who bravely told this court that you put your penis in her urinal part,” said the judge.
When asked to mitigate Poifo blamed the concoction he had drank earlier that night.

“I was drunk and the erection concoction that I had consumed at the bar made things worse.  I wanted sex.”
He then pleaded with the court to be lenient on him as he was looking after his father and their cattle.

The magistrate told him that he had betrayed the little girl who treated him as a father. He then sentenced him to ten years behind bars with 14 days to appeal if not satisfied with the sentence.




  1. Prince lawrence 2014/05/19

    tota fa mogolo yo o kana a dira such evil things are we stil saying we wll meet all our pillars on 2016 and all of the sudden we as nation we have to stand up to fight these annoying things mayb if punishments can change to harsh ones dilo tse di ka ema .dibeteledi di castratiwa so dat they wont do again mo go isa kgolegelong ke go sinya madi a puso fela

  2. megiluv 2014/05/19

    dis guy is insane hw cud he drink dat concoction a sena mosadi ko lapeng yo ta fetang a mo thusa…..life improsnmnt cud hv bin beta..mxxxxxxm

  3. bakhabakha 2014/05/19

    nxa yoo o tlhokana le go hagolwa full-stop.!

  4. Isvaar,okar ba ka fitlha ba mmula marago ko zanting

  5. ornament 2014/05/20

    o senyeditse ngwana future. oka nwa molemo ontse o itse gore gagona yoo tla go thusang?

  6. Chilly Baba 2014/05/20

    You diserve to die you basterd why should we take you to court instead of killing him once

  7. docter 2014/05/21

    wa thola monnamogolo ke wena nxa,batho ba ba tshwanang le lona babatla go hagolwa,kante ke eng ane asa robale basadi gone ko a neng anwa motsosa teng ha ne ele ngwanake nkabo ole ko spatela ke go jele mapele ka meno ke a go bolella..

  8. TSO KHUNOU 2014/05/21

    gatwe molemo oo obidiwang.o nte ntshupegetse afta your holiday at Crossbar Hotel(jail)

  9. game rebone 2014/05/21

    u deserve to rot in hell.God will deal with you ok….

  10. Hahaha ….mxm this is not even funny y am i laughing aniwer yan man i think u deserve been behind bars like for real …how can u rape a nine year old…i wanda y ne o sa ithuse ka podi atleast not a child dats cruel.

  11. diphaphatha 2014/05/28

    ao, o pelompe jang monna ke wena. o bata badizo hela,,,,,,

  12. enocko 2014/06/03

    Eish!this world is tough

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