ACCUSED: Tiwe Chakata

ACCUSED: Tiwe Chakata

A man who threatened to kill his wife narrowly escaped a jail term last week when the woman decided to drop the charge against him.

49-year-old Tiwe Chakata of Bontleng ward in Mosetse village is said to have warned that he was going to kill the mother of his children and bury her in the bush to conceal the evidence.

Chakata was quoted as saying, “I will kill you just like Boy killed his wife.

Truly speaking I will just lure you to the bush to kill you and your mother will only find your badly decomposed body.”

The man who had been playing hide and seek with the police heaved a sigh of relief when his woman, Pungi Ranyo pleaded with the court to consider withdrawing charges against him.

The woman said she wanted to forgive her husband because she was convinced that he was now reformed.

Ranyo also told the court that she had earlier reported the case to the police because Chakata was acting violent and even refusing to listen to some relatives who were trying to calm him down on the day in question.

LOVER: Pungi Ranyo

LOVER: Pungi Ranyo

“I thought that he should be warned so that he could reform,” she said.

The magistrate however pointed out that the whole move was a waste of police resources and time, especially given that the wife was withdrawing the charges.

The prosecutor, Dumisani Basupi said it was now becoming a norm for people to involve the police in their personal relationships which creates confusion since the courts never know whether people are joking or serious.

“What should we do when your man starts harassing and acting violently again?

I mean where should the law stand in such a scenario,” Basupi inquired before dismissing the case.



  1. stagarandah 2014/05/13

    Mo molaong a go molato go itshwarela? Ke mo le kabo le rotloetsa batho go itshwarela go fokotsa mosuki wa ko dikgolegelong mo motho a isiwang ko kgotla tshekelo hela gore o reile o mongwe are ke tla go bolaya while ba ba bolayang go free! O tla fitlhela ele gore ene yo o reng go sengwa nako le ditlamelo tsa puso a shaba ka one mafoko a kwa ga gagwe tsatsi le letsatsi (ke tla go bolaya ngwananyana ke wena) mme ene a bona ese sepe! If we can have the women/man of this kind who forgives,Botswana would be a better country for where there is forgiveness there is love and where there is love there is peace!

  2. cheerful 2014/05/14

    on the other hand it has been proven that women like this lady are just going back for more abuse – it is all about the state of the mind – the husband should be monitored – guarantee he will start being violent again

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