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The Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism has initiated a proposal on the identification of National symbols in the form of a tree, grass, flower and bird.

This initiative, according to a media release from the ministry, was in recognition of the significance and value of these species in the lives of Batswana.

“They contribute to sustaining community livelihoods and to the socio-economic development of our society.

Each one of these species is traditionally linked to our country’s cultural diversity and history in their own special way.

These elements are not documented and often known only to certain individuals or local communities. Such species should be recognized in order to raise their portfolio at national level considering their cultural heritage value and significance,” the communiqué reads in part.

The ministry further announced that the process of identifying national symbols in the form of a tree, grass and flower was done through consultations at kgotla meetings held across the country.

“In addition, Ministries, Independent Departments and Full Councils were conducted as part of the stakeholder consultation,” it says.

The ministry is expected to address the media on the matter on Monday morning at Fairground holdings.

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