Lost and found: Mute

Lost and found: Mute

Tatitown police are appealing to the members of the public to help them find relatives of a mute who was recently picked in Mathangwane village.

The young man whose names and age are still not known to the police was allegedly found loitering next to the main road by patrolling officers last month in the darkness of the night.

Although he was taken to the village Kgotla for possible identification by members of the public it seems no one knew him or his relatives.

Tatitown police station commander, Cyprian Magalila said efforts to locate the young man’s relatives has since drawn a blank because the victim could not even talk or shed light regarding where he was coming from.

“It’s real a big problem because the guy is a mute and communicating with him seems to be complicated,” Magalila said adding that the young man was now staying at the police station.

He also revealed that from the look of things, the young man was from the rural area since town life appears to be something new to him.

“We have since discovered that although he was grown up, he can’t even use the toilet.

He also get amazed when he sees things like a mirror which throws him into uncontrollable laughter,” said the officer asking members of the public to help find his parents.

Magalila however asked anyone knowing the man’s relatives to contact the nearest police so that he could be reunited with his family.




  1. xhwachaa 2014/05/12

    Ke mathata e le gore ba ga bone ko ba leng teng baa reng bone ha ba sa mmone. Ga baa repota ko mapodiseng aa gaufi. Gongwe o tswa Zim, ga ke bone motho yoo local a ka timelang a bo a tlhoka ba ba mmatlang. Gongwe o tsamaile thata a kopana le bo Chimpazi ba bo ba mo tseela puo.

  2. TSO KHUNOU 2014/05/13

    Ako masika le tswe momosimeng le tseya ngwana wa lona..ao!

  3. CUDDLESOME 2014/05/13

    Gongwe ke matholwane?

  4. Mooketsi dudely Thabiwa 2014/05/13

    Mme kana fao batla go bona sentle gore motho wa teng ona le batsadi fela sentle obo o ntsha offerer gore oo ka itseng kana a thusa ba sepodise ka seo oa go mmona fela sentle

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