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CLEANING UP: Town Lerk Lebuile Israel

CLEANING UP: Town Lerk Lebuile Israel

While preparations for the forthcoming Business and Investment Forum to be hosted by the Francistown City Council in August are at an advanced stage, the local authorities have purchased three brand new refuse compactors to step up their efforts of waste collection.

The refuse compactor trucks which were purchased at a tune of P4 million are to be delivered to the city council later this week, by a local supplier Zambezi Motors.

“Because we want to attract foreign investment to Francistown, we saw that it did not make sense to sell a dirty city.

And in order for us as the council to be able to adhere to our minimum service standard of collecting waste in and around the city once a week we needed to boost our fleet,” revealed Francistown Town Clerk LebuileIsrael.

The city’s old fleet of refuse collection trucks was constantly inundatedwith breakdowns, leaving the department of waste collection with only four trucks on the road to collect domestic refuse in and around the city.

“Some of you may recall last year we had serious problems with waste collection. Some residential areas in the city went for a month without their refuse being collected.

In order to service the city effectively we need 14 waste compactors,” highlighted the Town Clerk, in a press conference this week.

Furthermore the city council has outsourced waste collection services in some parts of the metropolis.

“We have also awarded a P3.5 million tender to four private companies.

These companies will be able to collect refuse in the Blocks, Selepa, Molapo, Garden view and the Central business district and Minestone.

While the council will continue to service the rest of the other areas,” elaborated the Town Clerk.

Israel is optimistic with these measures in place, collection and disposal of refuse in Francistown will improve.

The four private companies which have won the lucrative tender are expected to sign their contracts next week.

“We are also currently negotiating with the private sector to come on board, to take overthe collection and disposing of waste in their area.”

The Town Clerk also revealed that the council had employed 28 people to pick litter in the city’s Central Business District.

The City Fathers who are on a drive to give the city a facelift will soon engage property owners of dilapidated buildings to renovate and give them a fresh coat of paint.



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