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If you were not in Khawa this weekend, you really missed out.

Pheeew! And Yours Truly couldn’t wait to come back and share what I saw with you.

It was happening man; with the who’s who of Gaborone all in attendance.

What caught Shaya’s attention most were the married ones accompanied by ma14.

I don’t need to disclose their names and hope next time they will respect their wives or else I won’t be so sparing with my whip.

I spotted the Generations actress Lerato Motshwarakgole and guess what! She spent the whole day riding on a Botswana Tourism quad bike.

There was Dignash on the other hand accompanied by a very well known young lady in Gaborone.

Whatever Diggy the comedian was up to with the well known girl is only known by the two of them but I noticed that they were more than close every time I bumped into them.

Hey! Before I forget, all these so-called celebrities were nobodies in Khawa even though they tried hard to get attention; no one gave a damn.

The man of the moment was undoubtedly HE SSKI the president, who even posed for selfies with his fans.


I have been observing the social media circles and everyone is busy complaining about why President Khama always wins the Khawa race.

Well its simple, for security reasons I guess no one is allowed to be in front of the president more especially in the bushes.

My suspicion is that after the quad bikes take off, Khama’s body guards block anyone who tries to lead. Yes! For security reasons.

That’s not important for now but what Shaya is concerned about is the lady that was accompanying our bachelor president in every corner of the sand dunes.

The lady in glasses was with Khama the whole afternoon. Should we expect any good news Mr President?

If yes, I wouldn’t mind having her as my first lady because she seems reserved and calm.


He is well known for that famous track of his “Ke a gana.”

In that song, Thabang talks about how he is in demand with ladies asking him out in every corner and even goes on to say his focus is on one lady only. It appeared last week that, the song is all fiction.

In an actual fact, the jazz singer has more than two ladies in his life and has even had a thing with relatives.

He is said to be swindling women around town in the name of love.

He was last week embarrassed when two of the ladies brought in sheriffs at his house to get piece of what they could collect for auction.

Apparently he swindled the ladies thousands of Pula’s and then disappeared into thin air.

If you have been a victim too, don’t be afraid to step out and go report the case, maybe you will get the last remaining furniture. Sorry bro T. its Gabs life. Sheriff


Finally! At least one person from all the famous I have been announcing their marriage steps has come out to make it happen.

I talked about Dj Sly and Vee preparing for their big days before my son was born and now he is crawling and still no wedding for the two guys including Duma Boko.

My boy DJ Gouveia is the only one who has made it at last and the northern born DJ will say I do tomorrow in Francistown.

Shaya wishes you all the best Mr DJ and hope you have invited Sly, Vee and Boko. Maybe they will speed up theirs after bench marking from you. Shaya is obviously part of the VIP at the wedding. Congrats Mr and Mrs Mutasa.

Simon-and-SelolwanePAUL SIMON COMING TO GC?

Well nobody wants to come out and be clear about this.

However a little birdie whispered to Yours Truly that the Graceland star Paul Simon will be in Botswana soon where he will reunite with his ‘Graceland tour’ lead guitarist Bro John Selolwane.

John Selolwane played in Simon’s band from 1987 till around 1994.

The guitarist is best known for his work together with Hugh Masekela. Selolwane played with Simon at the 2012 Graceland tour, Graceland tour 1987, 1989, Event of a lifetime tour and Born at the right time tour.

Shaya is still wondering why this legend has not been honoured for his artistic excellence.






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