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  1. stagarandah 2014/05/08

    There is no one who can do such things,if not the devil at work! But the unfortunate part of it is we only look at the outside part of the matter while the real cause is inside the invisible one! I pity for this victim who was just used by the devil just to rubbish his life! My condolence to the Lehupu family! May the Lord see them through!

  2. Ha gona motho oka dirang selo be gotwe Devil..hane molao wa botswana o leta ne kabo kere ba mo bofe mabogo a be bamo chuba ka petrol ntse a tshela a lebile…dilo tse dingwe tota dia ama waitsi…i feel sori for this family..morespecialy for wat he did for the todlers.”ekete ne go sa dire motho wa nama le madi bt a wild animal..he shud be sent to prison for the rest of his lyf te bamo phukge marago a…nxa”tear drop”

  3. dicks dee 2014/05/09

    A neelwe sechaba satane yo a bolalwe.o tshwanetse ke go bolawa setlhogo,fela jaaka adirile.may God be with the family.

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