NtwakgoloDee-Zone Productions in conjunction with NACA mid last year announced the arrival of Ntwakgolo, a docu drama aimed at empowering and educating Batswana on issues relating to HIV/AIDS.
After 42 stand-alone episodes of themed docu drama, Ntwakgolo will now transform from a stand-alone episode docu drama approach into a pure TV drama series with interlinked episodes.

Originally Ntwakgolo`s structure was such that it included a drama and experts interviews hence it being labelled a docu drama.

This new Ntwakgolo means that there will be no more experts and public interviews in any of the production moving forward.

The standing contractual agreement between Dee-Zone and NACA is of 72 episodes which means the tv drama series will run for the remainder of 30 episodes and it will cover 10 different interlinked stories.

The first episode of this new look Ntwakgolo premiered on Wednesday the 23rd of April 2014.

“Its been an exciting but challenging journey so far and we are happy to have come this far with our viewers who kept pushing us to do even better.

They called for this new tv drama series and after a cautious assessment with all our stakeholders, we agreed that it was time to introduce the new Ntwakgolo TV drama series without diluting our intended objectives of empowering people on issues of HIV/AIDS,” said Dee-Zone Director and Ntwakgolo project coordinator Thabiso Maretlwaneng.





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