Concerned: Khuwe

Concerned: Khuwe

The murderer of Tshiilo and Bagele Mojiwa of Marobela village has since vanished into thin air although police offered a P60 000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the brutal killer.

Village Chief Rapelang Khuwe said a number of suspects were nabbed but none matched the person who could have caused the death of Tshiilo and her daughter Bagele at Morobela farm a year ago.

He also revealed that from the look of things it is also becoming clear that the killer might not be linked to the arsonist who has been terrorizing residents of Sebina and surrounding area.

The chief said members of the police were giving them feedback on their efforts regarding the search for the brutal killer.

“The search is still on. We won’t call off the hunt for this killer until the culprit is caught and brought to book,” Khuwe said.

He added, “As villagers we hold prayers once in a while hoping that the almighty could feel pity for us and help us in arresting the killer,” Khuwe said.
He said the killing of the Mojiwa family has left people living in fear and shock. The chief said it was, however, only a matter of time until the killer is brought to justice.

“I have a feeling that one of the suspects the police keep arresting for questioning will one day leak us the whereabouts of the killer,” Khuwe said optimistically.

The chief also revealed that while people are convinced that the killer was a Zimbabwean, personally he suspected that he could well be a local.

He strongly believes that the terrorist was just someone who knew the area very well.

He said, “If he is not a local, then I think the suspect was working hand-in-hand with someone from the village.”

Tshiilo and her daughter Bagele were brutally killed by an unknown assailant and police have since promised that they would leave no stone unturned in the search of the killer.

Chief Khuwe said that apart from the killing of the Mojiwa family and students at Marobela Brigade, crime in the area was relatively low.




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