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Local DJs must up their game if they want to be taken seriously.

We cannot afford a situation whereby young people who are supposed to be on the dance floor end up sleeping in night clubs due to boring music.

On Friday after Khuli Chana’s electrifying performance at Trekkers Night Club the two young ladies decided to retire to ‘bed’ because of a boring DJ.

Shaya would like to advice our men on the turn tables to up their game or else promoters will keep on importing foreigners.


Serope mperekela! I thought it was a myth, but Yours Truly has been informed that a senior employee at a local airline is thinking with his ‘third leg.’

Apparently he uses his position to seek sexual favours from junior female staff members.

The reward for willing players is instant promotion or increment.

He allegedly appointed one of his mistresses a senior position even though the lady in question is new.

Shaya also learnt that the married boss missed a very important conference after his wife discovered that he intended to travel with his side-dish colleague.


A young girl in Palapye is moving around with nude pictures and a 35-second video clip of a famous football figure.

The young girl who bedded the chubby married administrator said she shot the video clip while her catch was still snoring after a three minute sex act.

“He was done in three minutes and fell asleep, that’s when I shot the pictures and the video,” she said.

The administrator is allegedly in the process of divorcing his wife after she caught him with a bartender.

The two were allegedly caught having steamy sex in a toilet at a bar in Mogoditshane.







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