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Secondary school students will have an opportunity to learn more about Events Management during an orientation histed by Limkokwing students next week Monday.

The will be held at Naledi Senior from 11:30-13:30 under the theme ‘Empowering the next Generation through knowledge.

The objective of the orientation is to educate and give students an insight about the events management course and how they can benefit from pursuing the course.

Different stakeholders such as Leapfrog and Alfa Events have been invited to come share their experience and knowledge during the occasion.


I never really enjoyed House music until I listened to Groove Cartel’s “Illicit House”.

Before that, to me House was just another genre that one needs to be intoxicated to enjoy.

Today I have a collection of House CD from both local and international acts and I’m in love with the genre.

I however prefer the laid back soulful house. Anga Makubalo aka Naak Musiq’s latest offering is one such.

For a moment I thought I was listening to The Layabouts. The 13 track album launched in Kanye over the Easter holidays is full of soul.

It’s jazzy, soulful but still has the groove. Some of the best songs include ‘Only you’, All time jazz and Brown eyes.

It’s a love album, launched on Valentine’s Day in South Africa.

The album gets 8 out of 10.


Kwaito music suffered a heavy blow with the growth of House music in Southern Africa.

The likes of Arthur Mafokate, Trompies, Tribal Monks and many others watched helplessly as out of nowhere their music was made irrelevant.

But there are diehards, people who believe Kwaito is too good to be left to die.

Curldyes does not really do Sghubu, but he is all Kwaito. His eight track album titled ‘Verse 2’takes one down memory lane.

Though its kwaito with a little bit of tweak it sill reminds one of the days when dancing was real art, not today where one can hold on to the wall and twerk.

Songs in the album include “Ina mandla”, “Ke lorile”, “Someone lies” and my favourite “Satan re mkhandile”. The album gets 6 out of 10.


The annual Hills of Music will be a totally different affair this year.

Held at the beautiful ‘Diphiring’ hills in Rasesa the annual cultural event will this time around feature local musicians Jojo, Mosako and DJs Sly, Gabz’ Finest, Shaboo and Copperfield.

Unlike in the past where revelers were charged a fee, the show will be free for all.

Fun lovers are advised to bring their own refreshments and camp-chairs.

A bonfire will be provided to ward-off the winter bite. The show will begin this Saturday at 2pm until late in the morning.


The supplementary registration started on Thursday to give citizens a third chance to register to vote their preferred government.

I have registered, have you?

The political atmosphere in Botswana has never been this interesting.

It is a perfect moment for all eligible voters to have a say in the future they desire.

That say begins with YOU registering to vote. If you do not vote you then have no right to complain or even commend.



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