UNITED FRONT: Mphathi with wife Vinga

UNITED FRONT: Mphathi with wife Vinga

Found guilty on charges of intimidation, the bitter, disgruntled and cash hungry former mistress of Botswana Ash MD MontwediMphathi,narrowly escaped spending a year behind bars.

In a case which first hit the headlines in January last year as the MD’s sex secrets were exposed, One Gwafila, 36, of Gaborone received a wholly suspended sentence on five counts of threatening her married lover‘s wife.

Delivering his judgement at the Francistown Magistrates’ Court last week, Magistrate Madandumane said: “It is unfortunate that this matter came this far. It should have been kept between the two parties without bringing in other people.”

The case ended up in court after Mphathi reported his mistress to the police out of fear his wife Vingaand children would suffer, should the affair go public.

The threats to Vinga emerged after her husband’s ‘sexcapades’ with Gwafila between April and May 2011 turned sour and she threatened to expose his adulterous affair to the media.

In one incident the court heard that the Botswana Ash MD had told Gwafilathat he didn’t have any money to give her aftera night of romping in one of Gaborone’s posh hotel.

She then became resentful and promised to “sort him out, ” accusing Mphathiof treating her like a prostitute after he only gave her P100 for a taxi fare home.

In her testimony Vinga described receiving a series of ‘tormenting’ messages from her husband’s mistress who threatened to take the matter to the media or publish details on social media networks.

BITTER: One Gwafila

BITTER: One Gwafila

When she confronted him over the messages she reported that a heated argument erupted resulting in her drinking excessively in a bar in Sowa Town.

After continued arguments she said that Mphathi confessed that he had had an extra marital relationship with another woman.

She said when her husband suggested ending the affair the woman demanded an unspecified payment.

Upon asking him about the next step, Vinga told the court that Mphathiproposed that they divorce because he had hurt her so much.

“I then took all the medication that was in the house, locked myself in the bathroom and swallowed all of them.

I lost conscious and only found myself hospitalized at Tati River Hospital in Francistown,” she told the court during the earlier hearing.

Vinga was not in court to hear the judgment and efforts to get a comment from her or her husband proved futile.

Commenting on behalf of his client, Gwafila’s lawyer Isaac Seleka said: “ My client was not properly convicted at all.

The police officer and the lady from the mobile network failed to show that the cell numbers in question were registered in One’s name or belonged to her.”

Some of the messages presented in court said to be between Gwafilaand Vinga Mphathi

1. “Go tswamo go lona, you can sue or will email what am on about, or hear from the public technology social network.

Biggest scandal of the year. Thanx tomakgakgato some people.

This is an angry person who will do anything to vent. Sowa town will soon know what they r dealing with.”

2. “People who are promiscuous need to be exposed, ke ne kere o mmaMphathi.”

3. “Keditirotsamonna. Ba re wena o worse mo di promiscuting, bt you will get revelations before the end of this wk end. Am stil compiling.”




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