BPC BOSS: Jacob Raleru

BPC BOSS: Jacob Raleru

Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) will be under a management contract for three years to enable it to achieve performance turnaround and organisational transformation.

A press release from the BPC board of directors stated that the decision to place the corporation under a management contract was taken by the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources and the board.

“A change process for BPC is envisaged that was largely brought about by the corporation’s transformation from a retailer of power to an electricity generator with a higher asset base due to increased generation and transmission infrastructure,” stated the media release.

It was imperative that BPC be transformed from its current operating status to a financially viable power utility.

The media release stated that the key performance indicators for the strategy were sound financial performance, operational efficiency and effectiveness, appropriate organisational structure and highly skilled workforce, capacity to deliver and sustain strategic projects and appropriate governance, safety and quality strategies and frameworks.

“The external expertise will assist BPC to ready itself for competition in the electricity industry in line with government’s decision to open up the market to independent power producers and with the imminent setting up of an electricity regulator, BPC will also be assisted to prepare itself to operate within a regulated environment,” read the release.

The management and staff of BPC will participate in the transformation process with a view to leading the transformed organisation at the end of the contract period.

“At the end of the three-year management contract the service provider will deliver a transformed BPC in line with the agreed performance indicators,” the release concluded.





  1. cheerful 2014/05/03

    Is this the same company where the Accountant is charged with theft? One wanted to comment on the charge as it drew a ” Blankety Blank”but now they are commenting about achieving performance very strange??!

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