ConversationIn one of the local hair salons in Francistown a group of women in their late 30s shared their dilemmas regarding the opposite sex.

They discussed how their live-in boyfriends cheated, manipulated and left them dead broke.

Lady dressed in denims: has anyone bought the latest copy of The Voice? I desperately need to get my hands on it.

Lady with blonde ponytail: Is there some hot gossip in it?

Lady in denims: I am not interested in that or the latest news.

I need to find a soul mate, through the paper’s Let’s Get Personal column.

Ladies: Aaaah

Lady in denims: What’s the trouble girls? A lonely girl has to do whatever she can do.

Since my last relationship a year ago I have not met Mr. Right.

Besides, someone told me the Let’s Get Personal column works!

Lady in specs: Umm. Are you after hooking up with some white man who can give you the time of your life?

Lady in denims: Not really. It’s just that I want someone who is lonely like me and serious about getting into a relationship.

A client told me how her phone became a live wire with dozens of men wanting to meet her.

Lady with heavy make-up: (Laughs) Baby girl you are kidding yourself. All the good men are taken.

What is left is a bunch of players, liars and gold diggers!

(Laughter rings through the salon.)

Lady in denims: But I can’t stay single! I need a man to love and to love me.

Let me give this method a try. I could be lucky.

Lady with blonde ponytail: Nana, me am done with men. Up to here with those pathetic beings (points to her neck) I don’t want to see or hear anything called a man.

If it weren’t for my live-in double-crossing boyfriend, I would be far in life.

I would have achieved a lot for myself and my children.

Lady in specs: This is not the right day and age to have a live-in in lover.

Before you know it, you have a parasite in your life. Dependant on you for everything.

He will expect you to cook for him, do his laundry and have sex every day for free.

He will even want to know what you are doing with your money!

Lady with blonde ponytail: My situation exactly! He wouldn’t even buy me a beer.

I never found out when his payday is and I didn’t enjoy a dime of his money.

All because I thought we were building a future together.

Little did I realize he was sucking me dry! Impregnating other women and flirting with everything that came his way wearing a skirt.

Lady with heavy make-up: Why not? He can afford to because all his living expenses are being taken care of by his one true sweetheart.

Lady with blonde ponytail: Nxaa, shameless men. That won’t happen to me again. I’m streetwise now.

Lady in denims: I hear you ladies, but we can’t do without them. We need them no matter how terrible they may be.

Lady in specs: You need to wise up pretty one. Today’s fast life needs partners with benefits.

If there are no benefits, you don’t tango.

Lady in heavy make-up: True. I have taught myself not to depend on one man.

Have two or three men in your life, to avoid disappointment. When one is not available you still have someone to lean on.

Lady with blonde ponytail: After so many years of being shackled I’m out to enjoy myself.

When I see a man I like, I call him aside and tell him what I want.

Lady in specs: No matter how sweet the honey pot, there’s no moving in or living together.

If the brother likes the honey, he should send his uncles to marry.

Lady with heavy make-up: Otherwise these town boys will finish the sweetness and spit you out like chappies…


Lady in denims: Calls out to street vendor: Hela give me a copy of The Voice.




  1. letimone 2014/04/23

    Hey ba rwele mmoto o bata moporota

  2. Fa e le most of Tswana men bone ke di parasites tota. i dont understand why most of our men dont know how to love, is it because most houses in Bots are headed by single women and these guys have never seen a man loving in their lives or they are simply dumb……

  3. robah 2014/04/25

    Legone most tswana men ba bata re ba irela washen,clean ,cook all the sort…tla nne e sale motho a re wa go nyala the first time he lays hiz eyes on u till a go tlhala…a sena go go fetsa,aaah
    nna re lapile ke maaka a bone kwa…

  4. koketso wa motswapong 2014/04/28

    Basadi bateng le bone marago a bone a matona jang

  5. Francinah Pinkie Seemise 2014/04/29

    Bo rre ruri..ba batlang..?

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