TB Joshua’s anointing water confiscated at Tlokweng border

Women-on-wheel-chairTB Joshua’s famous anointing water may have the power to heal, cast out demons and overcome life’s problems, but it cannot evade customs duty.

Two pilgrims returning from Nigeria with around 50 bottles of the water were dismayed to have their haul confiscated at the Tlokweng border post last week.

Customs officials refused to allow the holy consignment into the country before the pilgrims paid import duty on the goods.

The duo, who asked not to be named, claimed that the only reason they were ordered to pay the duty was because they refused to give a free bottle of the water to the customs official checking their luggage.

They were then warned that unless they paid the required fee, officials would have no option but to auction the bottles to the public.

“We didn’t have any problem with our goods being taxed at the border, but what annoys me is that the officer only demanded clearance after we refused to spare some of the water.

Truly I think the whole move was unfair because some people were left to pass without paying anything,” one of the pilgrims said.

The anointing water is given free from the prophet but those in need of its powers can only get it after buying a DVD of Prophet TB Joshua at a cost of $50.

The two recipients of the holy water claimed that the water was not for sale but for relatives and friends who were in dire need of it.

Senior customs officer at Tlokweng border Bilson Mmereki revealed that it was mandatory for all the goods coming into country to be charged tax if they exceeded the allowed limit.

He said travellers should be aware of rules and regulations at the border to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Mmereki said although the anointing water was impounded, it was reclaimed the following day after the owners paid a total of around P2800.

The picture of the woman featured in our lead story is taken from the TB Joshua Blog.Anointing

It shows 58-year-old Mbelu Prudence of Congo Kinshasa being given the anointing water at the prophet’s headquarters in Nigeria.

According to the blog the woman had been confined to a wheelchair for 37 years.

Her entire physique had been “ravaged, mangled and twisted out of shape” by her ailment.

In her testimony she told how she had tried both traditional medicines and hospitals to get healed but without success.

Upon receiving the anointing water she noted “the spontaneous resuscitation of her sensations” as she took the Anointing Water.

After an initial reluctance to vacate her wheelchair, she summoned the courage to, “throw a leg forward and then another and in no time at all she began to walk unaided.”

Prophet T.B. Joshua told the congregation that the miracle is a proof that the scriptures are God’s Word.

According to him, Madm Mbelu Prudence came to The SCOAN uninvited and stayed outside in the overflow congregation during the services for about three weeks from where she was picked for the miracle.

He, in turn, praised the Lord for His unfailing grace.




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