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Armed robbery survivor re-lives ordeal

LEFT FOR DEAD: Chris De Jager

LEFT FOR DEAD: Chris De Jager

A businessman and his wife are lucky to be alive after violent robbers tortured and beat the couple in their Mochudi home.

Speaking from his house in Matebele ward following a P68 000 hospital operation, Chris De Jager, 43, told the story of the horrific ordeal that left him fighting for his life and traumatised his wife TsholofeloBaitsadi.

“On 27 March four men entered my house from a hiding place at around 9.30 in the evening. They had covered their faces with scarves so I could not recognise them.They spoke in English.”

De Jager who owns a meat processing plant in Gaborone, said the men demanded money.

“When I told them that I did not keep money in the house one of the criminals hit me with a pickaxe handle.  He then pushed me and hit me again, this time so hard that I lost my balance and fell over.

“I pleaded with him to spare my life but another man took over and hit me all over my body. They took it in turns to hit me with the pickaxe handle,” he said.

When his wife ran to press the panic button one of the gang followed her and grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground.

“They beat my wife in front of me while I watched helplessly. They kept repeating, ‘All we want is money. If you don’t give us money we will kill you.’”

Despite his insistence that he did not have money on him, the thugs continued to beat the couple.

“I called the name ‘Jesus’ and they told me there is no ‘Jesus’ here – you are going to die. At this time they were pulling me to the bathroom face down with my hands tied behind my back. They kicked me. There was blood all over the house,” he said.

His wife had P5500 and R500 in her purse, which they took, but continued to beat the couple demanding more money.

“Those thugs left me for dead. It is by the grace of God that I am still alive. I can’t walk or bath properly. At night I have nightmares. Mentally it is very painful and difficult,” he said.

Besides the money he says they took his rifle and broke it into two pieces. “I don’t know why they broke the rifle. They also tried to steal my Toyota Double cab but failed. My two Boer bulls are only five-months-old so they could not help me.”

De Jager says he was hospitalized at Bokamoso Private Hospital for nine days where he was given three pints of blood. “I had lost a lot of blood. The doctor even asked me not to go back to work, but I don’t have a choice. Life has to go on. My plea to the public is to help the police with information that could lead to the arrest of the attackers. My wife can’t speak about the incident, she now has amnesia,” he said.

TRAUMATISED: Tsholofelo Baitsadi

TRAUMATISED: Tsholofelo Baitsadi

Officer in charge of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at Broadhurst Police, Assistant Superintendent LenkwetsePhilimon confirmed the incident.

“We are doing all we can to track those criminals. We have notified all the border posts to look for suspects. So far we don’t have any leads but we are working around the clock to nab those criminals.

“What they did is inhumane,” Philimon said.



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  1. Tlhalefang Kanakatse 2014/04/23

    they nid serious punishment once they get caught

  2. messi Mg 2014/04/23

    God help u guys recover soon

  3. Eissh ba tl mpolaela leburu la ko ke rekang jikos teng

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