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  1. he should sue the police for lose of income and being disabled. the police should do the proper thing and offer him money

  2. Dee-bouy 2014/04/22


  3. Eish,they like shooting mar they are less trained for that…lo tlaa fetsa sechaba se se innocent kwa!adawise hope o tlaa fola nf2.

  4. Matlhogonolo Hlogi Kgwaadira 2014/04/23

    Heish…i feel for the young boy.wish you a speedy recovery boy.modimo o go shebile.The Police must do the right thing,which is to compensate the young man,wat if o nnela segole ruri?

  5. letimone 2014/04/23

    The government must pay 1 million period cauz of dis poor training of police, at BDF i used FN ko thebephatshwa,.50 training,rocket launcher as learner, GPMG ko lentswe le moriti border,AK47 as volunteer force,RPG7 ko mmakanke and nnetane ko shoshong only tank ka matho.

  6. cheerful 2014/04/23

    “I did not even have enough money for the bus fare, but I was told the only available ambulance to Kanye had already left. I had no choice but to catch a bus,” he said.” SIC SICK

  7. cheerful 2014/04/23

    “The police did not even know they had hit a bystander until a good Samaritan came to my rescue and took me to the hospital,” he said.” Did not even bother to check just ZIP ZAP OR DID NOT CARE LESS – VERY UNACCEPTABLE

  8. nkomo 2014/04/24

    Go itshamekelwa fela ka di right tsa rona ne banna,motlhofo hela jaana?nna ha ene ele nna nkabo go nkgile go sa bola!!sue police Nana,its a serious case,yo mother bore u ole normal now bana ba motho o mongwe ba go dira segole,o tladikilwe mo dipampiring,puso ya lebella gore a o botlhale o itse yo’ rights then be ba go duela,ga o sa tlhaloganye ba tlo go nna ba go duela ka petrol ya ga govy ka go go isa phapisong,aunty emela ngwana ka dinao,go botlhoko tota!but I pray to God to speak 4 dat child n deal le the police…..

  9. nkomo 2014/04/24

    Magodu le one a fiwa transport ya police go ya check-up a sena go segwa tsebe,le ma-prison ba a transportiwa but ngwana oo ga se selalome,a a fiwe special care+pay ya P100 000 bogolo betsho!!

  10. robah 2014/04/25

    he should be compensated…atleast be given a million pula by the police force…ba mo gobaditse straight

  11. eish,thts ridiculous.bo s4 why ba etsa so??they should be the one protecting us..why dont they atleast provide transport fr thiz guy.hardyy mfowethu

  12. f.thekiso 2014/05/04

    this is painful!…..
    Mr President ngwana o golagaditswe ke sepodise, PLEASE DO SUMTHIN!…

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