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LUCKY ESCAPE: A burnt door

LUCKY ESCAPE: A burnt door

Arsonist hospitalised after drinking petrol

Ajealous lover who tried to burn his girlfriend’s family inside a house is fighting for his life at the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Kanye after drinking petrol in a failedsuicide.

24-year-old KaboTlotleng is lying on a hospital bed under the watchful eye of Kanye police officers awaiting possible charges of attempted murder and arson.

On the night of the incident, Tlotleng who had had a heated argument with his girlfriend and mother of his child,is alleged to have gone to the girl’s house and sprinkled petrol on the family house and set it ablaze.

The girlfriend, 22-year-old KeatlaretseKganwane, said when the incident occurred Tlotleng had been awaiting a hearing at the customary court after he assaulted her on suspicion that she was cheating on him and denying him access to see their baby.

“A few days earlier he had been detained and released by the police for assaulting me and trying to strangle me with a piece of wire. My mother had asked me to get a cab and take the baby to the hospital as he was not well. I called a cab that I knew and when it came Kabo showed up and started beating me. That was when the police came, arrested him but released him the following morning,”Kganwane said as she narrated the chronicle of events.

On Tuesday night, Kganwane said she was awoken by smoke that was later followed by flames that engulfed the house. “There were six of us inside the house and we managed to force the door open and let ourselves out,” she said.

Neighbours are said to have responded to the cries of help and put out the fire which included burning tyres.

Tlotleng’s shoe marks were later found around the house together with a note that he had written explaining his intentions. “He complained that my family was not allowing him access to see the baby, which was a lie. He was allowed to visit me anytime that he wanted and my family treated him well. He was just insecure and he would occasionally spy on me thinking that I could be cheating on him but he never found anything because there was nothing,” she said.

Tlotleng was later found at his place groaning after he allegedly drank petrol.

Superintendent KealesitseKonyana confirmed the incident but said they were still investigating the matter.



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  1. nkomo 2014/04/24

    Ntsiehe basimanyana le bone setse ba tsere mekgwa ya bo abutiabone wa passion killing,ijoo nna ke a boifa jaanong,24 years,kana motho oo boulelang thata,a rata go tracker yo’ movements ke ene a jolang,batho wee gatwe re ya kae?family e bolaelwang jaanong,lerato ha le fedile itlhoboge abuti,batla go sele ke botshelo bo jwalo,tlogela go nwa petty go jewa dijo hela not petrol,banna ba bangwe baa tena ga ba tlhokomele bana the next thing nywenywere nywenywere ba gana ka ngwanake!ga ke go mo neela wa go mo rekela madubula mxm!!

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