Top Cop denies mum left child home alone to attend Khama kgotla meeting

DISMISSIVE: Superintendent Silton Fidzani

DISMISSIVE: Superintendent Silton Fidzani

A buffalo trampled a three-year-old boy to death after his mother is said to have left him home alone to attend President Khama’s recent kgotla meeting in Kasane.

According to informed police sources, an angry bull buffalo flung the youngster to the ground and trampled him to death at his parents’ homestead in the shanty location of Kgaphamadi in Kasane.

It is said the mother had failed to securely close the gate to the compound as she rushed to the President’s kgotla meeting in the township last month.

Angry residents in the area are now calling for the mother to be charged and prosecuted for an offence of negligence.

When contacted for an official comment Kasane Police Station Commander Superintendent Silton Fidzani denied that the mother had left the child alone to attend the President’s kgotla meeting. He dismissed speculation to the contrary, from sources from within his department, as a ‘rumour.’

According to Fidzani the parents to the child were in the house while the boy was playing outside with other three boys of the same age. He said that the incident took place after two bull buffalos were fighting for territory.

ANGRY: Buffalo (file picture)

ANGRY: Buffalo (file picture)

The buffalo that killed the child had conceded defeat and was running away for safety, destroying the gate and trampling the young boy in the process.

The Superintendent said no action is likely to be taken against the mother, arguing that Kasane, “is a wildlife infested area where animals roam freely and cause destruction in the process.”




  1. Amorock 2014/04/22

    Sisi a mosadi yo maaka e le ruri.

  2. letimone 2014/04/23

    NO please these people must have rifles like 375,30.06,RPG7, ooh my god ele gore batho ba nne kae jaanong, ke bata goya teng ka my 375 ke e thuba pelo not phata nna dika nyela

  3. cheerful 2014/04/23

    Common sense will tell you that you do not ever NEVER leave a child of three on their own what are these childrens organisations advocating????
    Why are the parents not allowed to take their children with them especially those of this age if left at home the home would catch fire and then what would happened??GOODNESS GRACIOUS

  4. sichifula 2014/04/24

    Looks like an Asian Buffalo (Water Buffalo) to me. Not Cape Buffalo.

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